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1.Dont stop til 你 get enough
2.Rock with you
3.Shes out of my life
4.Burn this disco out
5.blame it on the boogie
6.Wanna be startin somthin
8.Beat it
9.Billie Jean
10.The girl is mine
11.Pyt(Pretty young thing)
12.The lady in my life
13.Human nature
15.The way 你 make me feel
16.Speed demon
17.I just cant stop loving you
18.Street walker
19.Dirty Diana
20.Come together
21.Smooth criminal
22.Another part of me
23.Man in the mirror
24.Leave me alone
26.Black 或者 white
27.Give into me
28.Heal the world
29.In the closet
31.Rember the time
32.Who is it
34.They don't care about us
37.Blood on the dance floor
39.Superfly sister
40.You are not alone
41.2 Bad
42.Is it scary
43.Break of dawn
44.You rock my world
45.2000 Watts
46.hollywood Tonight
47.Hold my hand
48.Ill be there
49.I want 你 back
50.Dancing machine
 Dirty Diana
Dirty Diana
 Leave me alone
Leave me alone
 Billie Jean
Billie Jean
 Come together:P
Come together:P
posted by MJcutiepie2002
My 爱情 for Michael Jackson
By: Nia Symone Dorothy Ella Elizabeth Lucy Mariah Rebecca Cecilia Garth
Why can’t people understand my 爱情 for him……

My sister doesn't like him :((
I can't speak about Michael and she never wants to hear something about him…. and I avoid this 'cause I don't want to hear her saying bad things about him… it hurts too bad :((

She doesn't understand me and I don't think she knows how much I 爱情 him.. I don't think she can imagine that MJ is my life, is part of me…..
She knows about my 爱情 for MJ… but I don't think she knows how much….
Maybe she’s thinking...
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I can't believe all these MJ haters, they make me wanna SCREAM!! How can they hate such a guy like Michael?! Michael has a smile that's 2000 watts! He tried to heal the world,make it a better place.Yet MJ haters misjudge him like have 你 seen his childhood? They need to look at the Man in the Mirror and stop 表演 like Dirty Diana! He was Gone Too Soon but he still rocks my world and I still have 蝴蝶 when thinking about him. Everybody will always Remember The Time when he was Invincible as the Greatest Entertainer Ever!
posted by Eternalmike
Michael will always be my 最喜爱的 male artist of all time

Until the 日 I die

He has made such an impact on the world

Yet the world had treated him so cold

He went through so much

I wish he didn't have to go through such

Unfortunately like they say,the damage has been done

He is now gone

But he has left us some great,everlasting art

And will forever have a place in my heart