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Part 6: The conclusion

Hi, I'm Hades Mortem and if 你 don't know who I am 由 this point, there's really no need for 你 to continue reading. If 你 do remember me however, get ready to hear the final part of my story.

Frankie and I stood still staring at each other. Neither of us 说 anything, mostly due to the fact that we honestly didn't know WHAT to say. Due to my "touch of Death" no one had been able to touch me ever before. Yet Frankie had done just that a moment ago. She seemed stiff and maybe a bit frightened now. I think she had just realized what she had done and what could've happened. I was no different to be honest. I was confused, shocked and incredulous but at the same time very relieved, blissful and euphoric as well.

I tried to make eye contact with Frankie, who had her head pressed down and was staring at the floor. "Frankie," I carefully began. Frankie slowly raised her gaze and I noticed how fragile she looked. She was nothing like the confident, relentless girl I had learned to know. "Perhaps we should go speak to my father," I continued and stretched out my hand for Frankie to grab. "If 你 want to, that is," I still added.

Frankie looked at my hand for a while, weighing the options in her mind and then, after a doubtful moment, she grabbed it and greeted me with an encouraging and approving expression. "Let's go," She 说 decisively and with a noticeable increase of confidence in her voice. I nodded in agreement and so we left to see my father.

As I explained everything to my father, he just stood 由 the window staring out and clearly surrounded 由 thoughts of his own.

"Do 你 know what caused this?" I asked my father after finishing the explanation. My father sighed heavily and turned to me. "I do," he answered with a regretful and guilty voice. I looked at my father with a very demanding and questioning eyes. "Tell me," I urged with an oppressive tone. "It was your tears which granted Frankie an immunity against your touch," he revealed. "My tears? But how?" I asked in disbelief. "If someone is able to make Death itself cry for them, then is that person not worthy of living? Has that person not proven his significance to the universe 由 succeeding in evoking human emotions in Death? Is that person not a marvelous rarity to be beheld for having made the ultimate, unforgiving, uncheatable force of nature care?" My father lectured with his usual, haunting voice. I thought about his words and to me, they made perfect sense.

I took a deep and long breath. "Why didn't 你 tell me before?" I asked with a slightly 苦 tone. "I thought it better to live without than live with and eventually have to let go," my father replied. "Let go?" I asked curiously. "Not even those loved 由 Death can live forever. There will come a 日 when they too, must be removed from this world 由 our hands," my father explained with a heavy heart. He obviously had 更多 than enough dark and tormenting memories related to the matter. I suspect one of them might've even had something to do with my mother, whom I've never actually met.

I thought about myself and my 老友记 for a moment. Someday Frankie's body would fall apart and decay. Ghoulia would eventually share the same fate as well. Spectra would survive the longest, but over time her energy would be drained and she too, would fade away. And what about Catty, Twyla, Invisi-Billy and Toralei? They were still alive, so they'd be the first people to depart from this world.

"Then I just have to make the best out of my time with them," I 说 determinedly. I had the cure now, albeit only temporary, and I would definitely take advantage of it. "Wise words. And truthful as well," My father 说 approvingly. "So, should I go and tell my 老友记 the good news then?" I asked. "Go. And savour every moment 你 share with them," my father instructed encouragingly.

I walked to the door with Frankie, but instead of stepping outside, I stopped and turned around. I walked back to my father and embraced him tightly. "Thank you. 你 don't know how much this means to me," I said. "Well, I think I have a pretty good idea," my father replied. This statement pretty much confirmed my suspicions. "I 爱情 你 dad," I whispered. "I 爱情 你 too Hades," my father replied with a haunting, yet loving and gentle voice.

So, has anything changed since I discovered how to make people immune to my touch? Yes, quite a lot actually.

The first thing I did after returning to school, was distributing vials filled with my tears to every student in Monster High. Those were tears of happiness, 由 the way, and they work just as well. Now 你 might wonder, how did the bottled tears even work if I'm supposed to cry for each person I care about individually as a sign of my affection towards them? Well, as my father already explained, my TEARS are the key to averting the "touch of death". Feelings have nothing to do with the efficiency of the cure, as unromantic and boring as it may sound. The person just has to receive my tears in some form 或者 another and they're immune. I get it, crying inconsolably in front of your best friend is definitely 更多 dramatic, meaningful and memorable, but my method was way easier and faster. Still, some of my 老友记 had the privilege to witness a personal "demonstration of affection" from me. These people included Ghoulia, Gigi and all the members of the Disappearing Club. Sending them an ordinary flask of tears just didn't seem appropriate after all they did to help and support me and after all I put them through.

I've also received many new friends. Sure, people were a bit suspicious and doubtful first, but over time they got used to the fact that I'm completely 安全 to hang around with nowadays. In fact, many of my most devoted former haters are now some of my best pals. Regardless of all this however, there are still some people who fear and hate me. I doubt those people will ever change their minds but that's their loss, not mine.

And lastly, as 你 might have already guessed, I approached Toralei and asked her out. This is how our conversation turned out:

"Hi Toralei. I...I was wondering if...If you'd like to do something...With me someday? I recall 你 saying I'm quite an...Uh...Interesting guy," I awkwardly stuttered. "You know, now that 你 don't have your powers anymore, you're not nearly as exciting as before," Toralei 说 with a teasing voice and grinned playfully. "Oh, it's okay. I always thought Meowlody was prettier than 你 anyway. Maybe I'll just ask her out instead," I swiftly replied. "Jerk," Toralei said, clearly amused 由 my comment. "So, is Friday okay?" she then continued, smiling attractively. "Sure. I'll see 你 then," I answered with a confident and firm voice. "I'll look 前锋, 期待 to that," Toralei 说 slowly and seductively before walking away and leaving me with a joyous smile on my face.

So, this is it then. I've certainly come a long way since the beginning and I've also learned a lot along the way. I've learned to 爱情 myself the way I am, I've learned that not everyone sees me as I see myself and most importantly, I've learned to never give up 或者 lose hope. So what if it's a cliche? If you're not convinced about the authenticity of these lessons, 你 clearly haven't been paying attention. Anyway, my name is Hades Mortem and this is how my story ends. Farewell!

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