Hi! Ok, so I have mentioned using an OC before in my (not posted) fanfiction. Her name is Eve and she's around 14 或者 15, kinda like me, but not me. She's dating Steve (who my sis often RPs as while I'm Eve) who is also around 14/15 in the stories. I see him here as the type like my sis, could spend hours on the computer watching 视频 and not be affected, while Eve is like me and would probably get kinda emotionless. So, yeah, it becomes less detail and 更多 actions in the end. It also gets fluffy (I think? Depending on your standards for fluff) and I was listening to Hotto 可可 (by Kagamine Len) while 写作 this. Ok wow long notes bye
*~*~*For Sis*~^_^~*

It was a cool 日 in their 《我的世界》 world, the crimson sun sinking behind the clouds, the nearly-electric-blue lakes glimmering with the slowly fading light. Most people were at 首页 由 now, happy and 安全 in the peaceful town. Somewhere in the neighborhood, a quiet sigh could hardly be heard through the ajar windows.
The one who'd made the noise sat at her desktop, 水鸭, 蓝绿色, 深青色 eyes transfixed on the screen, face tilted until her cheek had practically sunken onto her fist. The girl made a couple lazy clicks with her 老鼠, 鼠标 before turning her head and uttering a groan, eventually resting the side of her head on the desk.
"I'm bored," the girl, called Eve Night, whined. Her eyes grew half-lidded and she attempted to shift her position, only resulting in accidentally conking her head on the desk. "Ow!" she hissed. Rubbing the sore spot on her head, she muttered to herself. "Maybe I should watch something else...?"
She raised her head up and moved her hand back to the mouse, clicking on a video for what seemed like the hundredth time that evening. It 更多 than likely was, considering the fact that Eve had nothing to do and had been sitting there for 2 and a half hours and counting. Her arm was asleep, her face was nearly 《冰雪奇缘》 in a bored expression, and her butt had gone numb at least an 小时 ago. She wondered how long it would be until she fell asleep, 或者 simply fell out of her chair.
Eve turned her attention to the video, unable to help laughing a bit. It was a funny video about an ocelot who'd accidentally fallen in a lake and had then started tearing up a jungle tree, where a creeper had somehow been residing. Eve broke into a fit of giggles when the creeper fell off of the tree, laughing harder when a faraway explosion sounded. The video went on for a bit, and the girl's mind began to wander.
Maybe I should check Fanpop...
She reached for the 老鼠, 鼠标 again, back in her perpetually-bored state, when a knock on the door got her attention.
Eve lit up a little inside at the sound of Steve's voice. Rolling back her chair, the girl laid her hands out on the desk. "Come in."
The door clicked open and Steve happily walked in. "Hey, what's up?"
Eve smoothed her hair and rolled back up to her desk. "Nothing, really."
Steve peeked at her screen. "I can see that."
Eve sighed, leaning back in her chair and folding her arms behind her head. "You should have been here 2 hours ago, then."
"Oh, really? Do anything exciting at all then?" Steve asked, seating himself on Eve's bed.
"Nah." Eve gestured as though waving away a fly. "That's just how long I've been watching videos."
"Really." Steve smirked. "That honestly sounds like something I could be doing. Funny thing is, today I made some drawings, wrote, sang, and decorated my treehouse. Hey, Eve?"
Eve turned around and looked expectantly at her boyfriend.
"I think we switched hobbies."
Eve giggled and spin-rolled over to Steve. "No faaaiiir! Yours is booooriiiing!"
"Yeah, right." At this, Steve pushed Eve back to the 台, 办公桌 and replayed the video displayed on screen. Eve couldn't help snickering again.
Steve smirked, ruffling Eve's hair. "It's boooriiing."
Eve shook her head, making a laughing noise in lieu of words, and looked at Steve. Eve's eyes had turned rather empty over the course of time spent staring endlessly at the screen. Steve silently wondered how often his eyes ended up looking like that.
"You know we have an assignment due in two days, right?" Steve tried. It was true. And if that wasn't enough, he had (sort of) pushed aside 视频 and procrastination for the assignment this time around. And Eve, however...
Steve watched as her eyes widened, pupils shrinking to pinpoints and jaw snapping tight shut.
Then she 迷失 it.
"AAAAAH!!!" Eve cried, eyes going blank white as she flailed her arms frantically at her side. She looked like the funny, panicky people that Steve had seen in anime. He would be lying if he 说 the scene wasn't amusing to him, but he had to step in if he wanted to help matters at all.
"Eve," he 说 calmly, grabbing her arm. Eve's face returned to normal as she looked up at Steve's warm smile. The latter reached behind his back and pulled out a couple sheets of paper along with a book. "I brought yours."
Eve's eyes were still empty, the girl appearing tired and unresponsive.
Steve pushed her chair around, causing her to spin. Eve made a squeaky noise at the sudden movement, and Steve let out a chuckle. Continuing to spin her, he added, "I'll help you."
Steve went to take her wrist and help her up, but the long hours spent in the 台, 办公桌 chair had taken their toll. Eve stumbled 前锋, 期待 and attempted to steady herself, but her legs were unstable and she inevitably 迷失 her footing.
"Whoa!" Steve held tight on Eve's wrist, supporting her back with the other hand so that she didn't fall. He helped her steady her balance, laughing again at her state and earning a half-hearted glare.
"T-thanks," Eve muttered. "I guess we should work on this together... But you...don't have a 台, 办公桌 chair?"
"No worries," Steve replied cheerfully, pulling a 台, 办公桌 chair out of nowhere and plopping it down onto the floor. Eve stared in shock as a hard crack sounded underneath the carpet.
Minecraft logic.
Steve rolled himself over to Eve's desk. "I'm thirsty." Then, as a steaming mug of hot 可可 appeared in Steve's hands out of the oblivion, Eve seated herself again.
"Aw, I'm thirsty too..."
Steve grinned, reaching into his backpack. "There 你 go."
Eve took the mug, still confused. However, a sudden sensation surprised her, and she nearly dropped her drink.
Above her, Steve was ruffling her long hair, laughing gleefully. Eve protested and complained about her hot 可可 spilling on her lap, but her mouth snapped shut as Steve placed a sudden peck on 最佳, 返回页首 of her head.
Eve's cheeks went 粉, 粉色 and her eyes widened. "Steve...?"
Steve wrapped a hug from behind around her and the chair. "You're so cute like this."
Eve's cheeks went even pinker, allowing Steve to chuckle at her once again. She twisted around and gazed wordlessly up at him.
Steve placed another small 吻乐队(Kiss) on her forehead. "See?" He watched her 水鸭, 蓝绿色, 深青色 eyes widen slightly.
He turned and sat down in his chair contentedly as Eve watched. She turned toward him curiously, barely able to react before his arms stretched out toward her. Her mouth dropped open and a cry escaped her throat as she was lifted carefully into the air.
"H-hey! Hey!!" Eve kicked her feet, the overwhelming feeling that she was going to fall was there and it was taunting her.
Steve only smiled and 说 "It's fine" before lowering Eve onto his lap. Eve clung to his neck for a moment until she realized she wasn't actually going to fall.
Eve looked to the side, cheeks going 粉, 粉色 again. "Hey...b-be careful..."
Steve nodded. "You got that. I'll always be careful with you." He smiled cheerfully, receiving a smile from Eve. He then pointed to the assignment on the desk. "Now, let's get to work. How about we start with this part...."