Ayoo' I'm back on hurr I missed y'all 潮流粉丝俱乐部 fam 爱情 yall hope y'all enjoy tried picking up tips from TeamOMGgirlz but yeah lemme start writing.

It was like the most boring lamest deadest nights of my life I'm just sitting here single alone and watching movies....

Me:ugh like wtf I'm bored as hell maybe I should have a sleep over with my big kid ass

OK lemme get this straight I'm 21
Shanae 或者 Nae is 22
Giana 或者 Gi is 21
And Mercedes 或者 Cedes is 23

Me:-calls Mercedes-
Cedes:Hello what's good
Me:ghetto fabulous 屁股 come over here I'm having a sleep over
Cedes:ohh turn tf up
Me:just get yo 屁股 over here
Cedes:k byee
Me:Bye-Calls Nae-
Nae:Yes I'm omw Cedes already told me bye
Me:lmaoo bye-calls Gi-
GI:I'm pulling up now
Me:Damnnnn iight Bebe's
Gi:-walking in like she a boss-ayee the life of the party here
Me:girl please 你 life of killing yoself
Gi:yeah right....oh look there's Cedes and Nae
Me:-opens door- what's good bitches
Them:this sleep over now let's turn up

We up in here turning up 或者 whatever just us then we got hungry so I ordered pizza

Me-calls poppa Johns-
??:hello this is poppa johns how may I help you
Me:um yes I'll like on large cheese 比萨, 比萨饼 please
??:take out 或者 delivery
Me:delivery duh
??:-chuckles- OK we'll be right there thank 你 for calling poppa johns
Me:no problem

So our hungry asses been waiting on this 比萨, 比萨饼 for 20 分钟 they finally get here thank God.....

??:-knocking on the door-
Me:omg it took 你 foreve-(GCO)
Me:what's your name?
Me:ohh umm how much?
Me:-gives him the money- umm thanks byee
Ty:-stops door with foot- heyy what I wanna see again
Try:555-918-2231(made up)
Me:OK I'll call you
Ty:OK bye

So yeah of course 你 should know he was sexy

Me:umm here's the pizza
Cedes:what took yo so long
Gi: flirting with the 比萨, 比萨饼 guy
Me:I was not
Gi:mmhm then why's your phone out
Me:OK OK I got his number I'm going to text 或者 call him latta
Gi,cedea,nae:oh -starts eating-

So we done eating now we watching 电影院 and do I decided to call Ty over...

Ty:hey I see 你 called
Me:yeah wyd
Ty:nothing bored why
Me:chilling with my girls wanna come over with us?
Ty: yeah sure
Me:OK see ya latta
Ty:wait can my boys come
Ty:cool we'll be there in a few minutes
Me:kk bye

We watching the movie and 10 分钟 tops Ty and his boys were at the door in case 你 wondering yes they sleeping over too

Me-opens door- I see you're here huh?
Ty:yeah why wouldn't I come to see your pretty lil self
Me-blushing- oh whatever -showing my dimples-
Ty:you have dimples how cute
Me:shh come on in 你 guys
Ty:come on y'all

They come inside and Ty's 老友记 automatically flirt with my girls

??:ohh I want her right there
Ty:hey Giana
Ty:say hi to Jacob
Gi:-zones out-
Me: Gi Gi hello 你 there
Gi:huh what oh yeah hey
??:man look at her she's stupid bad yo
Nae:oy 你 yoy what??
??:and she speak Spanish
Me:callaté rapido come here
Nae:besa mi cul-(GCO)
Me:say it and I'll rip your tounge out
Nae:yes mamíta
Me:meet um umm what's your name
Me:meet August
August:what's good ma♥♥
August:ole pretty self
??:-clears throat-
Cedes:what ultra ghetto
Ty:meet my boy B
Cedes:hey B
B:what's shaking
Cedes:nothing much
Me:umm we were watching a movie let's goooo
Ty:what was y'all watching
Me:madea goes to jail but now we're going to watch Killer Klown 3
Ty:aren't 你 gonna be scared
Me:pshh no

Watching the movie it's at the scary part

Me,cedes,nae,gi:TURN IT OFF
Us:not funny
Gi:I'm tired I'm going to bed
Jacob:I'm sleeping with you
Gi: OK
Nae:me too night y'all
August:right behind 你 pretty
Cedes: B 你 coming too huh?
B:you know ittt
Cedes:OK come
Me:and 你 already know you're with me right?
Ty:yes I know let's go ma

So everybody sleep and cuddled up except me and Ty

Ty:hey 你 up
Me:yeah what it look like
Ty:don't get smart lil lady midget ass
Me:so what just cuz 你 5'7 don't mean nun
Ty:I hope this means something
Ty:-kisses me softly-
Me:-kisses back but pulls away- Ty what are 你 doing
Ty:I really like you
Me:I-i-i umm I'll be right back -goes upstairs
Ty:-follows behind me- I'm sorry for 接吻 你 it was stupid
Me:no I wanted 你 too that's why I'm confused
Ty:then why'd 你 pull away
Me:-grabs his 衬衫 and kisses him-
Ty:-wraps hands around my waist-
Me:-pulls away- I like 你 too
Ty:-picks me up bridal style-
Me:when are we going
Ty:in your room -kisses me-
Me:-kissing back-
Ty-lays me on the 床, 床上 getting on 最佳, 返回页首 of me-
Me:Ty what are we going to do -pulling away-
Ty:I wanna sex you
Me:no Ty it'll be my first time
Ty:mines too
Ty:please just let me 爱情 you

Yes I'm a virgin at 21 but my girls ain't so yeah its my first time don't judge me

Ty:-kissing on my neck-
Me:mmmm Ty -moaning-
Ty:-took his 衬衫 off-
Me:-took my 衬衫 off-
Ty:-looking at me-
Me:what is it?
Ty:your body it it it's gorgeous
Me:I can say the same about yours too
Ty:-starts back 接吻 me-
Me:-kissing back-
Ty:-pulls the rest of me and his clothes off-
Me:wait -reaches in night stand drawer and gets condom- put this on
Ty:-puts it on- 你 ready?
Me:yeah I'm ready
Ty:-slides in slow-
Ty:I'm sorry
Me:no its OK go ahead
Ty-starts going in and out slowly-
Me:mmmm Ty faster
Ty:-speeds up-
Me:-digging nails in his back- yessss
Ty:I 爱情 you
Me:I love....you....too-in between breathes
Ty:I'm finna cum baby
Me:not yet baby just a little bit 更多 -moans loudly-
Me:damnnn baby
Ty:so I guess we together now
Me:yeah I guess so goodnight baby
Ty:goodnight bae♥♥♥

嘿 y'all liked 更多 to come on Secrets, Lies,Betrayal, and Sex
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