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* THE ALCHOLIC: Big time..

* UNSTOPABLE RAGE: A running theme at times. Sometimes for dark comedy. Other times for shock value..

* JERK WITH A 心 OF GOLD: Espically in Dash's story..

* SADIST: Though can't think of an example.

* AX CRAZY: He's Packie after all


* SIR SWEARS A LOT: Classic Packie..

* BIG BROTHER INSTINCTS: Even if it's often just Packie being overly paranoid..




* DADDY ISSUES: Who wouldn't in her shoes.


* AX CRAZY: Has her moments.....
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posted by Canada24

Packie sometimes just plays the comedy relief, other times he's all serious. It usually depends on the story.

Despite his honourable traits, my ongoing series doesn't shy away from the fact that Packie is completely "crazy". Partically when he killed Tom Mckenny 由 stabbing him though the throat with a swiss knife, and had very little reaction when doing so.. And then when he finally caught up with Dave Erics, Packie nearly broke Dave's bones, beating him so hard, because David sent Dash into the hospital.

As a result of Kate's death, most of Packie's insane side, comes from...
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The "meg griffin" of the series.
Being hated 由 just about everyone possible.
Even Billy.
Though he DOSE become actually listened to after starting the civil war.
Johnny kills him, not because he tried to kill Johnny, but because he hates the God Father.

Billy is much 更多 of a disobedient child, than a hated villain.
Like the real Billy, he acts without thinking.. But in this version it's because he is a complete moron in most senses, doing the first thing that comes to his mind, LITERARY the the first thing.

(no confirmed details).

Like most (if not...
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Billy: Okay Johnny.. I'll ride up in your bike.
Johnny: I- I don't know man.. 你 a bit of a dick to me.
Billy: Johnny boy. I have "never" been a dick to you.
Johnny: [rolls his eyes] Oh please! All 你 EVER do is call me names and rip on me for being Jewish!
Billy: Johnny, when have I "ever" ripped on 你 for being a Jew?
[in the playground when first meeting each other] You're a Jew!
{while they argue} Oh yeah! Well your just a stupid Jew!
[Riding on their bikes} SHUT YOUR GOD DAMN JEW MOUTH!
[at the club house, on the front steps] {angry at Johnny} Good job, Jew!
[leaving his 座位 in the...
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#1: Niko Bellic:
On the outside Niko is an humorless, hot-headed, sociopathic, vengeful, fowl mouthed, hypercrite.
But on in the inside, Niko is, as Roman puts it "a big softy".
Niko is very loyal to Roman and truely loves him, even when he acts like a dick sometimes.
And he is also quick to help the defenseless and unfortunate, even those he merely meets in passing; he apparently possesses a sense of idealism which was wounded 由 his wartime experiences. Unfortunately, such a 分裂, 拆分 attitude leads to hypocrisy — Niko, for example, appears to genuinely sympathize with the McReary's grief over...
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Like the real Trevor. He is a sociopathic, murdering, thieving, sadistic, angry, drug taking, alcoholic, foul mouthed, hypercritical, pervert.
But UNlike the real Trevor.
He is also shown to be quite immature, as he seems to act as if he's a disobedient teenager.
He is also known to break the fourth 墙 on several occasions, as is Michael.
Trevor loves violence, too the point that he gets sexually aroused when being shoot at with Franklyn and Lamar during the failed drug deal.
As part of his immaturity, he has a large obsession towards the band ANDREW WK, and would literary "kill"...
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Michael approched Doctor Fredlanders office.
Fredlander: So.. I see your back around and making time for your mental health.
Michael: Not sure 由 I came to be honest.. Your not really doing much to help me.
Fredlander: Well.. The usually implies your value yourself only s others value you. Witch is usually the result of result of having a miserable childhood.
Audience; (laughs)
Michael: Well.. I had a perfectly wonderful childhood.
Fredlander: (unconvienced) Really.. Tell me about it? 
Audience: (laughs) 
(20 分钟 later) 
Michael: (sobbing uncontrollable and lying on the couch, with. Box of tissues, and lots of rolled up tissues around him) and above all else., when I was 11, my mommy told me that my pet 龟, 海龟 ran away.. (sniffs) but he didn't run away.. TURTLES CAN'T RUN!!
Audience: (laughs) 
Michael: (continues crying loudly)  
Michael: (sarcastically) Yeah. Because all I did was pull 你 out of a trash town and into a mansion in Los Santos.. And what do I get!?.. Nothing., nothing but an old picture of 你 in an old Hooker uniform, that I occasionally masterbate towards.
Jimmy: As do I
Michael: (disgusted) OH MY GOD!! That's disguesting! That's your mother!
Jimmy: I'm just being hones-
Michael: (angrily) Get out! Get out of my house!
Jimmy: Bu-
Michael: (punches violent hole in wall) I 说 GET OUT!!
(later that same evening).
Amanda: I don't like this Micheal.
Jimmy: Yeah.. Uncle T? Man?
Michael: (glares) Jimmy?......
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