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 cute MJ!!
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king of pop
1.Dont Stop 'Til 你 get enough: 9912

2.Rock With You: 8355

3.Workin 'Day And Night: 9139

4.Beat It: 10028/complete

5.Billie Jean: 10028/complete

6.The Girl Is Mine: 9781

7.Thriller: 11072/complete

8.Wanna Be Startin Something: 9616

9.Another Part Of me: 8201

10.Bad: 9526

11.Dirty Diana: 9124

12.Leave me alone: 8405

13.Smooth Criminal: 10163/complete

14.Speed Demon: 10202/complete

15.Streetwalker: 10184/complete

16.The Way 你 Make Me Feel: 9741

17.Black 或者 White: 8103

18.Heal The World: 9973

19.In The Closet: 10417/complete

20.Remember The Time: 9916

21.Who Is It: 9916

22.Will 你 Be There: 10180/complete

23:Earth Song: 10268/complete

24:They Dont Care About Us: 10021/complete

25:Ghost: 10959/complete

26.Money: 8039

27.Sunset Driver: 8283

i got talent!!!!!
posted by dodo4
嘿 girl, my only wish is to satisfy 你 (satisfy you),
I want to make this the best I can do (I wanna make this),
To keep 你 happy with all my might (all of my might),
Youll want for nothing both 日 and night.

I like to watch 你 移动 across the floor, and 你 know I do,
As much as I do now makes me want 你 more,
And 你 know thats true,
You are the only girl I adore, Id do it all for you,
To give 你 what 你 need, all that I live for, oh girl,
No, no, no, no, no, no, no way.

(no way, no way) say youll never have to worry,
(no way, no way) 说 Ill never do 你 wrong, girl,
(no way, no way) youre...
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posted by pmjlover1997
Michael N Lisa Marie Presley meet in February 1993 at a private 晚餐 at living-stones house in Los Angeles. Michael wanted to meet her a long time he always had a crush on her but lisa wastn't to thrilled to meet him she thought he was a freak. But she decided to actually meet him this time when she finally got to meet the real Michael She was blown away, he was openly flirtatious She forgot who he was in 20 min while wondering who is this man? The first thing he told her was '' I KNOW 你 THINK IM GAY I get tired of ppl thinking im gay But ohh Well fuck em.'' Then he winked at her. Lisa...
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你 may have already heard but recently there was a huge online 民意调查 from 音乐电视 which an esteemed panel of 音乐 experts put together a 列表 of 125 of the most era defining songs from the 80s. From this 列表 the public was asked to vote for their favourite and although he didn't get the 最佳, 返回页首 spot, Michael won four places in the 最佳, 返回页首 30, which is a huge acheivement!

His places were:
5 - Michael Jackson - Thriller
6 - Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
22 - Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
23 - Michael Jackson - Beat It

So congratulations to Michael and a big thank 你 to anyone who voted for him! (I voted for Billie Jean btw! lol)

If 你 want to see the entire list, follow the link below:

 Always think of 你 each and every day. I miss 你 still.
Always think of you each and every day. I miss you still.
My goodness, it seems so short a time 以前 when I turned on TV one morning last June to see the news which so shocked and stunned me. While not a 粉丝 (at the time), I never knew this would affect up like this to me. Nevertheless i always held a respect and admiration for Michael Jackson as having such great talent, showmanship and a decent good human being also.

I 爱情 你 beyond words... Everyday i wish deep in my 心 that it all was a bad dream , that maybe I will wake up and just see your wonderful laughter and your beautiful soul filled with life again.. but if wishes were 马 , they...
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It's pretty shocking ... Joe Jackson is blaming the inaction of his wife, Katherine, for Michael Jackson's demise ... allegedly because Katherine didn't want to penetrate MJ's zone of privacy.
Joe sat down with News of the World to explain his theory, that he was concerned that Michael was "looking kinda funny and and frail" and asked Katherine to see Michael to "keep him cheered up." But Joe says Katherine refused because she didn't want to invade his privacy.

Joe says he and Katherine argued about it before Michael's death, but Katherine was firm.

Joe says after Michael died, he 说 to Katherine, "I 说 this would have never happened if 你 had went and been with him."

Joe -- who was intentionally cut out of Michael's will -- is fighting to get an allowance from the estate. And get this -- we're told Katherine has been giving Joe money and going along with his efforts to earn a living off MJ.
Randy Jackson has been fighting like crazy to stop a flood of Michael Jackson memorabilia from hitting the auction block on the anniversary of MJ's death -- but the auction house is going full steam ahead.

Randy has been on Twitter attack, calling the auction at Planet Hollywood in Vegas "distasteful."

Darren Julien from Julien's Auctions claims it's pure coincidence the auction falls on June 25 -- "We have the same summer auction [of pop 星, 星级 memorabilia] at the same time every year."

Julien says the auction 日期 can't be moved. So there.
posted by thriller4ever
You're number one
I want some slapstick yeah!
[Makin' me high]
[because the slapstick 爱情 can make 你 smile..

Time, yeah, oh yeah!
[uh-huh 心 breaker]
has gone away, so baby
[ doo-woo don't fake it]
let your 心 play
cause there's 更多 than love
that we can make
you're holdin' it right
behind your eye, yeah yeah

Some feelin' ya can't explain
but since ya, Ya 心 feelin'
lightin' that's flame
Spinnin' round and round [and round]
again and, baby 你 and I,
can make it on our own

Give me some Slapstick, yeah!
[Turnin' me on]
Bring out the magic
[You're number one]
I want some Slapstick,...
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Live and sin
Ten years 以前 on this day,
my 心 was yearning
I promised I would never ever be returning
Where my baby broke my heart
and left me yearning

As we walked into the room, there were faces
Saring, glaring, tearing through me
Someone 说 welcome to your doom
Then they smiled with eyes that
looked as if they knew me
This is scaring me

We walked up the stairs
still concealing gloom
There were two girls sitting in My room
She walked up to my face
And 说 this is the place
You 说 meet 你 right here at noon

Heartbreak hotel
Heartbreak hotel
[ Find 更多 Lyrics on link ]
Heartbreak hotel
Heartbreak hotel...
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All alone wishing on stars
Waiting for 你 to find me
One sweet night I knew I would see
A stranger who'd be my friend

When someone in the dark reaches out to you
And touches off a spark that comes shining through
It tells 你 never be afraid
Then somewhere in your 心 你 can feel the glow
A light to keep 你 warm when the night winds blow
Like it was written in the stars I knew
My friend, my someone in the dark was you

Promise me we'll always be
Walking the world together
Hand in hand where dreams never end
My 星, 星级 secret friend and me

When someone in the dark reaches out to you
And touches off a spark...
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Ain’t the pictures enough
Why do 你 go through so much
To get the story 你 need
So 你 can bury me
You’ve got the people confused
You tell the stories 你 choose
You try to get me to lose the man I really am

You keep on stalking me
Invading my privacy
Won’t 你 just let me be
Your cameras can’t control
The minds of those who know
That you’ll even sell your soul
Just to get your story sold

I need my privacy,
yeah yeah
I need my privacy
yeah yeah
So paparazzi
yeah yeah
Get away from me
yeah yeah

Some of 你 still wonder why
One of my 老友记 had to die
To get that message across
That yet 你 haven’t heard...
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[Verse 2:]
She told me her name was Billie Jean and she caused a scene.
Then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one, oó,
((Who would dance on the floor in the round.)) Oó!

[Bridge 1:]
People always told me, "Be careful what 你 do. Dah!
Don’t go aroun' breakin' young girl’s hearts."
And mother always told me, "Ah, be careful who 你 love,
And be careful what 你 do 'cause a lie becomes the truth."

((Dah-Billie Jean is not my lover, oó,))
((She’s just a girl)) who claims that I am the one.
(Ooo, baby,)
((But the kid is not my son.)) Ooo! Oó!
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"The King Of Pop"

His Extraordinary Gifts were Shared 由 All Of Us As He Excited Our Senses With 音乐 And Dance, As Exemplified In The epic Albums "Bad","Thriller",And The Sounds And Beat Of "Billie Jean". His Stage Presence Was Always An Extravaganza That At Times Mirrored His Daily Life. He Offered everone His 音乐 And 爱情 With a White Gloved Hand Extended Out To All! He Contributed His Time And Treasure To So Many Worthy Causes As He Truly Believed "We Are The World".

We Now Celebrate Michael's Life's Work As We Reach Out And Eternally Hold That Gloved Hand And Remember Him Forever In His 音乐 - He Made Us Feel So Good. We 爱情 你 Michael Jackson .
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