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"Ok so what was that 移动 你 were just doing?" Leanna asked. "Oh this one?" Michael asked as he dimistratred the moonwalk. "Yea that one how did 你 do it?" Leanna asked. "Well 你 just kinda put all your weight on one foot and use that weight to push the other causing it to slide." Michael 说 as he dimstrated it step 由 step for Leanna. "Ok i think i got it." Leanna 说 as she began to do the moonwalk with no trouble at all. "Hey 你 did it!" Michael exclaimed happliy. "I did didint i." Leanna 说 happliy. "Yea 你 did and on the first try too, must people i 显示 that to cant do it."...
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 michael with new confidence :)
michael with new confidence :)
Michael walked back to the Theatre to grab his things with his head up high and a new boost in confidence. Berry noticed this as michael walked past him. "Im guessing 你 dumped her?" Berry said. "Yes berry... i did." Michael 说 voice full of confidence. "So how did she take it?" Berry asked. "She took it like a little brat she is...knowing her she going to run 首页 to daddy and tell him how i so called "broke her heart" "Michael said. "Which means daddy i either want 你 to give 你 更多 money 或者 find me another rich man to use for money." Berry 说 laughing. "Yep...you know how rich girls...
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Jen awoke on morning and had noticed that there was a missed call on her reciever,she listened to itmit was from her secret 爱情 and good friend Michael as in Michael Jackson,any ways michael wanted to have some breakfast and cacth up.This made Jen nerviously panick she didnt wanted michael to know that she had a hudge cruch on him and in only a matter of time would happen before she couldnt hold it in longer.Shaking she picked up the phone and dialed michaels number to let him know it was fine for them to meet.Mean while at michaels 花边 michael was also nervious bout thier meeting again after...
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 my beautiful ghost
my beautiful ghost
Jennine put her haid on Michaels shoulder and ran her fingers through his dark curls. Michael sobbed and told of 迷失 childhoods and lonliness. Jennines 心 was breaking and she took him in her arms. Burying her face in his chest he held her tight. She looked up at him he was tall compared to her so he bent his head to hers as she wiped the tears from his eyes.then bravely she put her lips to his. Michael responded. He kissed her mouth softly then took her bottom lip in his mouth. Jennine melted with desire. Then their tongues met in a long passionate kiss. Lifting her up Michael carried Jennine to the bedroom. Placing her gently on the 床, 床上 never breaking their 吻乐队(Kiss) the whole time. Breathing heavily Jennine watched this magnificent man undress. She lay there barely daring to breathe as he slowly undressed her 接吻 every inch of her as he locked eyes with her she could see his desire. Shyly he crawled under the bedclothes.
 my beautiful ghost
my beautiful ghost
hand shaking she turned the huge brass door knob. Gasping as the two doors swung open to a room that looked like a masive ballroom. Shiny black and white tiles and a huge chandelier which looked like crystal. And best of all this rom had lighting. There was a huge 火, 消防 place in the corner and Jennine shivering decided to try and light it. After she brushed aside the cobwebs she found an old fashioned lighter. a pile of logs were already in the middle so she lit them and soon there was a crackling fire. the room looked cozy as Jennine looked around for where she would sleep. She thought that someone was watching her as she moved around the house. Probably just her imagination she thought. Finding a huge old bedroom with a giant brass 床, 床上 with red velvet bedspread and huge heavy red velevet curtains which made the room even darker. she placed her bag at the foot of the bed. Suddenly a footstep outside the door made her shrink in fear.
 my beautiful ghost
my beautiful ghost
coming to a small dirt road she looked left and right. There was nowhere else to go but straight up the narrow road. Bumping her way over loose pebbles cursing as her head hit the roof of the car when it went over a particularly large boulder.She finally came to a run down house that had a sign SOMEPLACE ELSE. Hesitating Jennine stepped out of the car, glad to stretch her legs after the long drive. The sun was beginning to go down casting eerie shadows over the already scary looking house. Jennine fumbled for the key in her pocket. Placing it with trembling figers into the rusty lock the door creaked open. Inside was dusty and dark. Jennine fought back a scream as a 蜘蛛 web brushed her face. flicking the light switch she realised there was no electricity. Great she thought to herself. Now what the hell do I do. She saw two double doors agead of her. She moved towards them slowly. The floor boards creaked as she stepped carefully on the old floor.
 my beautiful ghost
my beautiful ghost
Jennine awoke to the sun shining into her room.She glanced at the clock and realised with a start that she had overslept. She had a long drive that day.Gulping down a quick cup of very strong coffee she threw some things into an overnight bag and quickly raced to her car.Driving along the highway she shook her head. I should NEVER have agreed to this stupid bet. Her brother had bet her his new car that she wouldnt have the nerve to spend the entire night in this infamous haunted house. She had heard some scary stories but was sure they had been made up growing 更多 and 更多 elaborate with each person telling them. Glancing at the road map she saw she had to turn left at the 下一个 sign. her car struggling to make the corner as she almost missed it and turned at the last minute. Smilimg she thought this is an easy bet. She couldnt wait to get rid of this piece of 破烂, 垃圾 and get behind the wheel of her brothers shiny red new car.
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So,i just got this DVD,its entitled In memory of michael jackson.,where people talk every thing MJ.Tatiana is first,and i thought i share it with y'all.

One of my fondest memories of michael was hanging out with him for a whole 日 and got to see for myself the man himself offset.It was my birthday and i remember him calling to wish me a happy birthday.I had told him what 日期 it was sometime when we were shooting the short film for TWYMMF,but i didnt think he'd remember,let alone care.yeah,so ,he was like 嘿 tattie,i..er just called to wish 你 a happy birthday.i was like,wow,you remembered?he...
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On October 15, 2001, producer Quincy Jones was guest in 'The Oprah Show'. During the 显示 Michael called in to pay tribute to his friend. Below follows a transcript of this segment:

Oprah Winfrey: [...] He's worked with everybody from Billie Holiday to Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson. I mean, when 你 span that whole--th--that's not an era of music. That's eras. OK. Quincy doesn't know this, but there's somebody on the phone who wanted to be here today but could not. Most of the world knows him as the King of Pop. Say hello to Michael Jackson. Michael. Michael. So hi, Michael.

Michael: Hi....
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 the look mj gives when Ali flips him the finger...
the look mj gives when Ali flips him the finger...
Michael did his best to ignore Ali's rude gesture. Michael calmly walked into the dinning room where everyone else was. Ali came in right behind him. "Michael why dont 你 and Ali sit together?" Janet 说 as she pointed to the 2 empty chairs that were left. "Great. could this 日 possiably get any worst?" Michael thought to himself. "Ali sweetie could 你 be a dear and go into the 厨房 and grab the salt and pepper shakers?" Michael's mother asked sweetly. "Sure mrs. jackson." Ali 说 with a cheesy smile. "I thought too soon." Michael thought to himself as he sat down in his chair. Just...
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 Michael's phone
Michael's phone
Back at michael's trailer, michael lay in his 床, 床上 glancing at the clock, which read 1:00am. Michael and alicia had been texting back and forth for over an 小时 and a half now. Michael was beginging to get tired, so he told Alicia goodnight, and placed his phone on the nightstand. Michael then drifted off to sleep, but it wasnt long before the loud vibration of his phone awoke him. Michael groaned as he reached for his phone. "Ok who could be texting me this late at night....ugh! it better not be alicia." Michael opened the phone to find he had a text from someone. Michael glanced at the number,...
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Like a comet
Blazing 'cross the evening sky
Gone too soon

Like a 彩虹
Fading in the twinkling of an eye
Gone too soon

Shiny and sparkly
And splendidly bright
Here one 日
Gone one night

Like the loss of sunlight
On a cloudy afternoon
Gone too soon

Like a 城堡
Built upon a sandy 海滩
Gone too soon

Like a perfect 花
That is just beyond your reach
Gone too soon

Born to amuse
To inspire to delight
Here one 日
Gone one night

Like a sunset
Dying with the rising of the moon
Gone too soon
Gone too soon
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 michael jackson ( father)
michael jackson ( father)
The 下一个 日 Bobby call Michael Bobby 说 " Michael what 你 do today" Michael 说 " well i am take Hannah to go shopping" Bobby 说 " alright" so Michael 说 " well when 你 getting here?" Bobby 说 " i just woke up Michael can u wait" Michael 说 " yes of course Emma have to make me and Hannah breakfast anyway" Bobby 说 " well Michael i call 你 when i am about to leave out of my house" Michael 说 " ok see 你 soon" Bobby 说 " yea" then Michael got off hes 床, 床上 and he went inside the bathroom then Hannah woke up and she 说 " dad were are you?" Michael 说 " iam in the bathroom...
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1st one:
Do we know what is really going on?
Do we seriously believe everything we see?
We don't know what we have until it's gone,
The 你 die is the 日 你 are free.

Don't let these people get away with it,
This is something 你 can't remove from your life,
Who's to trust, when we're living dangerous?
Just hold onto what 你 believe.

Don't let them take away your soul,
They'll just tell 你 it's all for fortune and fame,
The world will change once they achieve their goal,
If 你 take the deal, expect your life to never be the same.

This world is a living hell torturing our minds,
We all must unite and...
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Child of innocence, I miss your sunny days
We joyously frolicked in extended plays
Ever since you've left the scene
The streets are lonely, dark and mean

Child of innocence, return to me now
With your simple smile 显示 them how
This world once again can respond to your glance
And heartbeats flutter to the rhythm of your dance

Child of innocence, your elegance, your beauty
Beckons me now beyond the call of duty
Come fly with me far and above
Over the mountains in the land of love

Child of innocence, messenger of joy
You've touched my 心 without a ploy
My soul is ablaze with a flagrant fire
To change the world is my deepest desire.
What I wanted 更多 than anything was to be ordinary.
The Sabbath was when I could be.
By: Michael Jackson.

In one of our conversations together, my friend Rabbi Shmuley told me that he had asked some of his colleagues–-writers, thinkers, and artists-–to pen their reflections on the Sabbath. He then suggested that I write down my own thoughts on the subject, a project I found intriguing and timely due to the 最近的 death of Rose Fine, a Jewish woman who was my beloved childhood tutor and who traveled with me and my brothers when we were all in the Jackson Five.

Last Friday night I joined Rabbi...
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 "I want to adopt one boy and one girl from each continent." MJ.
"I want to adopt one boy and one girl from each continent." MJ.
I still feel those shivers when I listen to his sad songs. I still feel cold when I hear his voice. I still feel angry after all the haters and taboids.
Now nothing is the same without him. Since the 日 of his death I always wanted to shout : "WHY?" outside my window. But I couldn't because I ddin't feel like doing it.
"Get over it.." "Just get over it!" "Come on it's Michael Jackson.." people always 说 that to me.
But I can't. It's still hard for me. Michael had so many dreams that he wanted them to come true. But it was just to late. He was to young to pass away.
Why him? if he was alright....
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Word just in....On Friday, October 8th, 2010, if 你 can make it to Portland, Oregon, and you're a Michael Jackson 粉丝 - THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU!

"MAN IN THE MIRROR - Tour 2010"! The Refectory welcomes direct from Las Vegas a salute to Michael Jackson with one of the most profound Michael Jackson impersonators!

This 显示 covers Michael Jackson's career and legacy in 音乐 and dance. I'm told 由 my good 老友记 Neil Morris and Michael Colvin (Jimmy Vegas Presents) that the 显示 includes live musicians, production sequences, live sexy dancers "Girls of Las Vegas", and a 最佳, 返回页首 Las Vegas tribute artist...
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I really hope this isnt offensive in anyway. It`s just saying the reasons why MJ got the surgurys so 你 can tell people why and they will stop making fun of him cause i`d had enough. Thanks :)

Michael, as we all know, had many Plastic Surgurys in his life, and here are the reasons why...

-He hated his nose since he was 13.
-He broke his nose many times
-He did`nt want to look like his father
-He wanted to change him self

Thank you! And pass this on! <3


________________Change the World________________
 We 爱情 你 Randy!
We love you Randy!
Michael Jackson's brother Randy Jackson was taken to a Los Angeles hospital on Tuesday after reporting chest pains and doctors believe he suffered a mild 心 attack, a 来源 close to the family quoted doctors as saying.

The 48-year-old had spoken with his father, Joe Jackson, over the phone, the 来源 told KABC Television, OnTheRedCarpet.com's parent company, adding that Randy Jackson was "joking and seemed okay".

He is undergoing tests, the 来源 said. Randy Jackson is the youngest Jackson brother and was one of the members of the Jackson Five, as well as a solo artist. He wrote The Jacksons'...
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