Many artists come and go but very few are able to put an effect on billions of 音乐 爱人 all over the world. Michael Jackson was one of them. Right from the his first album “Off the wall” in the 年 1979 to the last hit “Dangerous”, Michael Jackson 音乐 affected the pop 音乐 industry in numerous ways. Whether it is his charm, extraordinary 音乐 视频 或者 心 touching songs, link and his 音乐 has definitely changed the way pop 音乐 was created. His unique style and popularity even after his death, proves that he is, was, and will always remain the king of POP. Michael Jackson has affected the pop industry in incalculable ways.

Michael Jackson Songs

Right from the early start when Michael Jackson was asked to front for the group The Jackson 5, his mesmerizing voice made the women and the girl’s swoon and as he grew up, his lower octaves seduced many more. All his pop songs were one of a kind and created history all over the world.

Michael Jackson Dance Moves

Everyone who has followed 或者 liked the 星, 星级 can not ignore the influence Michael Jackson has had on the dance world. Even today a lot of kids and adults attempt to do the Moonwalk. Whether it is the famous dance steps of the song “Bad” 或者 an entire crew dance in the famous number “Beat it” Michael Jackson has made in his mark both in the Pop 音乐 industry and in the world of dance.

Michael Jackson Videos

Remember the famous video of “Thriller”? Referred to as the king of 音乐 videos, the unique and outstanding ways of creating the 视频 proved that the artists need to do a lot 更多 than strumming their guitars in front of the camera in order to compare to him. Michael Jackson 视频 extended the creativity of the artists and they were forced to work harder in order to compete with Michael and his unique style. The dance steps performed in the 视频 improved and raised the standards of dancing completely.

Cultural Differences

Michael Jackson 音乐 albums became a pioneer in African American culture when he broke the barriers 由 becoming an 音乐电视 star, and 由 breaching sales records with the 1982 album "Thriller." Since then a lot of people in the black community herald him for breaking down racial barriers in the 音乐 industry. The fact remains that he is among very few artists that broke the barrier of cultural differences and is celebrated the world over.