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 日本漫画 Iggy
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This is what Iggy will look like in the Maximum Ride 日本漫画 version
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It took the flock and I a while to figure out that although we were sitting in the jet, no one was driving it. That's how tired we were.

"Erm, Max?" Iggy called pointing to the drivers seat. I felt like such an idiot. Why hadn't I thought about this on the way over?

"Yeah, I know. I'll call our good friend Nino Pierpont and get him to send someone to pilot the jet." I told him reaching for my handheld. I was a bit reluctant to just have anyone come over and fly all the people I loved about a million feet up in the air but we needed to get back and this was the fastest way. I wasn't about to let...
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Dear Fang

I am sorry to say that I wont remember 你 that way. I can't seem to remember 你 in a tux. Such a un-Fang like moment. I don't want to remember 你 like that. Pretending to be something that your not. I want to remember 你 flying, free. I hope 你 stay free. And if I remember 你 flying I can imagine that 你 are flying back to me.

I spent nearly a 年 being sensible, doing the right thing. Not for me, But for the flock. Actually that is what I have done my whole life. Put my self behind the flock. Then one 日 I decided that I could give my self this one thing, the thing I wanted...
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Before 你 hashing me about "THERE'S NO MOVIE. YOU'RE AN IDIOT!" Think first. 你 can check, and type in "Maximum Ride"
Now, aside from that, so far there is an MR movie in production, and it "supposedly" to be released in 2014.
Details: Six children genetically cross-bred with avian DNA, complete with wings, take flight cross-country to discover their origins.

Storyline: Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, and Angel. Six kids who are pretty normal - except that they're 98 percent human and 2 percent bird. They grew up in a lab, living like rats in cages, but now they're free. Aside,...
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嘿 ;) This is 1sr episode of 日本漫画 based on Maximum Ride and it's great!! Watch it ;)
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This can not be happening, Fang thought to himself as he stood in front of the window of a closed shop. The sky was dark gray. It was beginning to rain and people were running by, paying no attention to him.
But Fang just stood there, motionless. He couldn't believe his eyes. A couple of hours ago, the flock had ditched him. And now he knew why.
In the reflection of the mirror, a tall, dark-haired boy stood. His curious eyes darted every which way. But the reflection in the mirror wasn't his own. His body wasn't even his own anymore. It was that of his worst enemie's.
What happened? He asked...
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My Soundtrack for the flock
Somewhere I belong(How Ari felt toward Jeb and maybe for his death. It could be a good song for the flock too.)

Savin' Me 由 Nickelback(When they kidnapped Angel)

Girlfriend 由 Avril Lavigne(The whole Lissa-Fang-Max deal)

What i've done 由 Linkin Park( The whole fight in Germany with Omega)

Welcome to the world 或者 N.Y.C 由 Kevin Rudolph(When the flock is in New york)

Take me Away 由 Avril Lavigne(When Max is cutting the chip out of her arm)

Holiday 由 Greenday(When Erasers are attacking the school with Anne)

Burning Bridges 由 The...
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