i guess this one isnt sad this time :D

嘿 guys i'm Matt,

I was born in England in 1990 on February 1st. My parents were killed when i was young which resulted in me been brought up in Wammys House. At the moment im the third successor of L, the worlds bestest detective. Mello, who is the 秒 sucsessor of L, is my best friend and has been since i was brought to Wammys. He is determind to be the first successor to l but Near has that title, and Mello is not a happy bunny about it. I guess ive had a hard life, growing up with people who only want to study and watching my parents been killed in front of me when i was like 5! I am into gaming and right now hold the worlds highest score on Mario 大车, 购物车 and Sonic Races. Im looking for a blonde with blue eyes and likes chocolate- hold on... im describing Mello here arent i? ugh! And this isnt even a dating site.. 哈哈 ... did i just lol? Anyways Im about 5'6 with red-brown hair and green eyes. I am know to wear a read and black striped long sleved T and 毛皮 body warmer. I tend to wear 橙子, 橙色 goggles because its all i have left of what my mother gave me... *sniffle* I drive a red and black Lamborgini which was my 16th birthday present from Mello, who probably 偷了 it... When i was 14 he ran away from Wammys House which sent me into a serious depression. I wouldn't talk to anyone and didn't eat for 3 weeks. But how would 你 feel if your best friend left 你 and 你 had no one to turn to and no family to hold 你 through the tears. Eventually i though i couldn't take anymore of my rotten life and almost commited suicide. I was a mess. I tried cutting my wrists and just leaving myself to bleed to death but i couldn't bring myself to do it. I sat on the roof of Wammys and almost jumped off but Mello saved me i guess. He told me he was sorry for leaving and that he was just scared so he didn't tell me. He told me i could 加入 him with the Kira case and i agreed. He hugged me and told me he loved me. It was the first time i'd ever actually been happy since i'd been at Wammys. So right now i'm sat in mine and Mello's appartment gazing at the stars. Mello is talking to Near over a video chat while im sat here. Dreaming of the 日 where me and Mello can just give this whole thing up and just live a happy life. Just him and me. No stupid cases to solve, just him and me, living a normal life together which is what I've never had before. Wow this thing is getting really depressing... On a happier note I really want Pixie Lott to sit on my face (theres only one person in the world will understand what that means). Yeah so im struggling to find 更多 things to say right now. I guess im just nervous. Mello told me that in a week today we are going to go out and kidnap Takada. And i guess that is going to result in one 或者 both of us dead. And yet again this is getting depressing. Huh story of my life i guess. I'm going to leave it here for now 或者 Mello may smash my loptop. He has a tendency to do that when i dont give him any attention...

So this is Matt saying cyyyaaaa!