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Your POV:

You: Im finally going to met yugi again i cant wait!

You 说 to yourself as 你 were walking of the plain
into the airport of your childhood 首页 Domino City.
Yugis grandpa was going to get 你 since Yugi was still at school and he didnt
know anything. 你 and yugis grandpa were going to surprise him 由 你 visiting
him, since 你 and yugi havent seen each other since 你 were 5 years old.
After 你 got all your stuff 你 ran over to yugis grandpa as he was waiting for 你 by
the exit. As 你 reached him 你 gave him a big hug and he did the same to you.

You: Grandpa, its so good to see...
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Name: Michelle

Age: 16

Appearance: Short brown hair, blue eyes,
white skin, wearing filthy old clothing.

Personality: She does not trust people
east cuz of what have happened in her past.
she can be a real sweet-heart when people
get to know her.

Family: Parents killed and no siblings.

Past: She was taken away from her parents
as a 3 年 old 由 slave-takers. Her parents got killed
and she has been a slave since. She has been taken around
all egypt until one 日 the slave-takers decided to give her
away as the pharaohs slave and being his present for his 17th
Jeg kunne lede tusind år
Og aldrig finde en som dig
Lige så længe det her hjerte slår
Får du aldrig lov at gå fra mig

Vi er skredet fra hinanden ca. hundrede gange før
Men det har aldrig rigtig virket som det skulle
Og jeg ved at det ender med en af os, der ringer
Men telefonen 巢穴, den, 书房 er stille lige nu

Nu står vi her i byen
Og du griner sammen med ham
Lad os komme hjem under dynen
For vi ved jo begge to, vi hører sammen

Du vover på at gå
Du vover på at gå for alvor
Du vover på at gå
Du vover på at gå for alvor
Fra mig

Du fik nøglerne tilbage til din lejlighed
Og vi rev glansbilledet...
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posted by Lulu_Kururugi
~~For Erick~~

When the world is darker than I can understand
when nothing turns out the way I planned
when the sky turns grey and there's no end in sight
when I can't sleep through the lonely night

I turn to 你
like a 花 leading towards the sun
I turn to 你
'cause you're the only one
who can turn me around
when I'm upside down
I turn to you

When my insides are wracked with a nxiety
you have the touch that will quiet me
you lift my spirit 你 melt the ice
when I need inspiration when I need advice

I turn to 你
like a 花 leading towards the sun
I turn to 你
'cause you're the only one...
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