Lisa Simpson takes after both her
parents: she has Marge's common
sense,hard work ethic and sympathy for others.
She has Homer's
enormous intelligence and moral
authority place her in a unique position in the Simpsons family--
and,for that matter,Springfeild at large.

Each parents' night at Springfield Elementary,
Homer and Marge fight
to meet Lisa's teachers rather that Bart's on the theory
that being offers a tin of 饼干 as thanks is less
''upsetting'' and ''costly'' than
reviewing quarterly property damage
assessments for melted playground equipment.
A devoted vegetarian,this 秒 grader
also plays the saxophone with the
virtuosity,if not the stubble,of Springfeild's late blues great,
Bleeding Gums Murphy.

For the record,Lisa says she
watches TV only for 'The MacNeil/
Lehrer Report'' --particularly
since it expanded to one 小时 --
and any Masterpice Theatre
serialization of wordy British
novels.In truth,however, she is
always willing to interrupt a
piercing MacNeil-Lehrer roundtable
whenever her beloved ''Itchy & Scratchy''
cartoon are on TV, Her
deep 爱情 for cartoon characters
proves that, no matter how
precocious she may be,Lisa is
still a Simpson