Did 你 know there is actually a Stitch anime. Made for Japanese televion 由 a collaboration of 迪士尼 and Madhouse studios in 日本 this series is titled "Stitch!" It's different from 迪士尼 Channel's Lilo & Stitch series. Instead of Lilo a new character is introduced. A girl named Hanako. Instead of Hawaii, Stitch ends up on a fictional island similar to Japan's Okinawa. There he meets Hanako, a girl who practices martial arts. As far as I know, Stitch! is only being shown on Japanese television, but I did hear somewhere that it might be shown on the 迪士尼 Channel in the U.S. later this year. If 你 would like to watch it now there is a subtitled version of at least the first two episodes on YouTube.

If 你 are interested in watching go to: