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 Season 2 Cast Promotional 照片
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After last weeks 'somewhat slow' episode, this week follows up with a formula it knows how to do well. It WAS, predictable, I'm not going to lie (sorry), but it was good. And when it comes to a 显示 like this, it means it was amazing.

Now I'm going to say right off the bat, I found myself smiling like an idiot when I watched the opening scene between Cal and Gillian. The way they played off of eachother was a real treat to watch, and even how they handled the situation after the fact was something else. (I, for one, never thought Cal would bring up Gillians "fib"; "So 你 like being tied up?"...
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 Zoe returned this week, and I hope to see her stick around for a little longer!
Zoe returned this week, and I hope to see her stick around for a little longer!
Another week, and another fantastic episode. From what I can recall, this 显示 has never had one single 'bad' episode. Each week, after the most amazing, bone chilling, jaw dropping episode, it comes back with even 更多 to give. This 显示 just keeps getting better every week.
And after an episode like last weeks? I don't know how it manages to keep things so fresh, and amazing........but it does.

Now, I've noticed a trend over the past few episodes (including the last few before the 5 月 break) and that would be just the ONE story. Just one case to focus on, with 2 different perspectives....
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For the 秒 episode of the 秒 season this was 由 far one of the best episodes yet in this series. It wasn't the case, it wasn't the amazing quotes, it was the story. The acting, and all of the emotions that were uncovered in this case that really made this episode stand out. I'm gonig to do things differently and start with the B case (Gillian and Loker's case)
So let's get on a role, shall we?


Now Gillian and Loker's case. They get a semi-interesting case, it dosen't heat up until the end, but all in all it was a meaningful case for Gillian. They go to visit a Church Compound and meet...
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The Lightman Group investigates the murder of a journalist, friend of Lightman’s who was exposing a corrupt politician, a case that tests Lightman’s relationship with Reynolds and the FBI.
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