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posted by deathding
(This songs are always so fun to make! ^__^)


No matter what 你 do
You can never escape
Engraved on your arm
Is a deep black scrape

No matter what 你 do
No matter where 你 go
It always seems
That's when your blood starts to flow

You can feel the pressure
It's the end of your life
And I won't even give 你 a chance
To say good-bye to your wife

You'll be trapped in despair for all eternity
And do 你 really think I'll 显示 any mercy?

For we live in a dimension that is truly awful
Underestimate me and you'll be sent to the hospital

No matter the skill and no matter how brave
Like it 或者 not, your...
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posted by deathding
(You have no idea how fun it is making these :D)


(Yeah,) Even the word Chaos is in my name
Hey 你 little loser, want to play a game?
I'm here to make your life all the 更多 insane
And while 你 bow before me I'm living in fame

I'm the darkest of the dark
I put the pitch in black
You think 你 can win against me?
Hehe, I can't imagine that.

I spend hours of my life
Watching humans rot
I then slice open their lungs
And I'm not going to stop

So 你 think 你 have even a chance against me?
Hahaha, B**CH PLEASE


For I live in a place you'll never see
I send people to hell and watch...
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posted by deathding
(Alright, making songs is SO addicting. :D)

I live silent in the forest
Doing jobs with my sniper
Aiming slowly then
Striking quicker than a viper

My whole existence is just a mere shadow
And the entire experience is rather shallow

But never underestimate a guy with a gun
He can take your life in a 秒 while having fun.
With nowhere to hide, and no way to run
You'll become my 下一个 hamburger bun

I own 更多 power than the Metal Gear
And can easily break the speed of light
I take hits better than a steel tank
So, want to fight? :D

I am the god of assassins
And have infinite kunai
So just attempt to beat...
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posted by deathding
(Hey, this IS his club, so why not one more? :D)

I know where 你 sleep
Every night so deep
Peacefully counting some harmless sheep

But I'm the stigma of rage
I belong in a cage
And I won't be defeated 由 some 随意 mage

For I'll drink your soul
Imprint it on a scroll
And smash it with 20 entire tons of coal

I'm what 你 hide from in your bedroom every night
You look around once, but there's nothing in sight.

Then right before 你 go back to sleep
I'll shred 你 to pieces, along with your sheep

I used to be a guy with a normal life
But now I walk the cemeteries, carrying a scythe

And if 你 EVER even get...
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posted by deathding

Lights out
But that's only the start
Living a life on Earth?
This can't be too hard

I go through a few years, 日 after day
Them each ending the exact same boring way

I penetrate reality, pushing to go on
But I always reach a roadblock and scream out, "AW COME ON!"

The endless road, always covered 由 a sandstorm
Was always a pain, even before I was born

Through hours and hours I have torn through
What's basically a dark shadow of...well, you.

Fighting my hatred, keeping courage and pride
But it never even mattered, forever torn up inside

And no matter how much training I have to go through
God send me to hell if I'm mangled like you!

So all those times in the pitch black past
Just made me closer to approaching my last?
But all I can say is it's been a blast
Despite how many times I've needed a cast

And no matter what god throws at you
Just remember, it's most likely not even true
(I have no idea what Sasha would like, so yeah. Sorry if this sucks!)

(Yeah,) I'm alpha and omega
Feel the wind
Isn't it lovely?
The pain of your sins?

I'm like a black and white rainbow
All alone
But when 你 get on my bad side
I become a black widow

Every night I pray to god
And ask him why my 心 is so flawed
Always frozen, not even budging an inch
Forever impossible to thaw, not even feeling a flinch

I sometimes find myself
Retching up blood
For my life is nothing 更多 than a never-ending flood

Just a river of tears and eternal sadness
Yet I feel an extremely strong presence
Of evil madness

I don't understand...
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He is crazy
More than 雏菊, 黛西 Head Maisie
Better get ready cause he'll make 你 feel hazy
The most homicidal guy
Get ready to die
For I am LGYCE!


Yeah, my name's Chad
Feeling pretty rad
Always wrecking everything
Feeling so MAD!

I represent destruction
So I'll warn 你 with precaution
To stay outta my path
Or be murdered 由 my seduction

I hope you're ready to be fried
Skin 你 alive
For I am LGYCE!


Get ready to battle
With your worst yet hassle
Get ready stereotype hope 你 know how to wrestle

Crunch your blood
Throw 你 in the mud
For I am LGYCE!

(Epic 吉他 Solo)

I'm the embodiment...
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 It's 都市传说 time.... o__O
It's creepypasta time.... o__O
(Warning, EVERYBODY will find this disturbing, viewer discretion advised. It is recommended 你 read this review during the daytime with a cute Kirby plushie.)

(Oh, and the link is here. link)

(Now why you'd want to read this alone, I have no idea. I just put the 链接 to the fanfictions I review in the them so people don't think I am making demented shit and blaming other people that don't exist.)

(I apologize for ruining my intro, but I just wanted to make that clear.)


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"The air was warm, the sun was shining, and all of Ponyville was having a glorious day. The town square was bustling and crowded. Busy ponies were making their busy way through the streets. All the 小马 folk seemed to have somewhere to be."

Quick heads up, I know 下一个 to nothing about MLP. Maybe a few characters, but that's it.

"All, except 彩虹 Dash. Her place was in the sky. She freely tore through the air, speeding one way and the next. She buzzed the 树 tops and raced the wind. The pegasus swooped over a schoolyard, much to the delight of the children. Climbing several hundred feet,...
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added by deathding
Give all credit to greenfire65, this is for him.
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One of my 最喜爱的 songs with some of my 最喜爱的 video game characters! :D
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