Leyton vs. 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) My 最喜爱的 things about BLP: what's your favorite?

Pick one:
Couple: 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas)
BL season: season 3
LP season: season 2
BL scene: 3x13, "...I'd go on all night"
LP scene: 5x18, "It's my dream"
BL quote: 5x05, "And Lucas Scott was the one boy I might've 迷失 it for"
LP quote: 3x01, "It's always gonna be there, isn'it it? 你 and me"
BL kiss: 3x17
LP kiss: 6x01
BL hug: 2x17
LP hug: 2x10
BL song: "For Blue Skies" 由 Strays Don't Sleep
LP song: "Heartbeats" 由 Jose Gonzalez
BL angst scene: 3x22 "Why won't 你 ever just let me all the way in?"
LP angst scene: 5x07, "...you didn't mean any of it!"
BL saddest scene: 3x09, "I care about 你 so much"
LP saddest scene: 6x17, "I can't live that life"
BL friendship scene: 5x18 "I told 你 not to come" / "I know"
LP friendship scene: 3x14 "Don't 你 live your life alone, let us in"
BL dream scene: "I 爱情 you, Brooke"
LP dream scene: 5x12 wedding scene
Friendship: 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas)
Character: Brooke
 silvia_mckenzie posted 一年多以前
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