Leyton Family<3 My 最喜爱的 Lyric From Every Lm5 Song| Your 最喜爱的 ? (Part Two)

Pick one:
爱情 to hate me, crazy, shady, spit me out like hot wasabi
oh, 你 saved me in ways that i can't explain
when he's with me, bitches hate me
so, what's the point of wearing nothing if 你 never notice
this happiness was always inside me, but lord, it took a 分钟 to find me
i was a little bit lost, but i'm not anymore
how come they don't make 'em like you, babe?
if 你 never shouted to be heard, 你 ain't lived in a woman's world
paris never feels the same, when the streets all call your name
i'm broken here tonight and darling, no one else can fix me, only 你
 Nicolas97 posted ·8个月前
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