Leyton Family<3 What signs are made of; your favorite?

Pick one:
Aries - dragon fire, the devils laugh, sliver
Taurus - werewolf bite, goddess essence, rain
Gemini - snow, an angel's lullaby, demons trickery
Cancer - cupids tears, witch veins, clouds
Leo - wizards magic, divination, and rose quarts
Virgo - 花 petals, dark magic, and fairy dust
Libra - the rings around saturn, athena's knowledge, and diamonds
Scorpio - dragon bones, vampire bite, and 音乐
Sagittarius - a sailors compass, the stars , and a black hole in the galaxy
Capricorn - fairy laughter, gold, and 天使 hair
Aquarius - siren tears, black panthers, and pearls
Pisces - mermaid scales, lucid dreams, and the high priestesses 心
 tvdlover posted 一年多以前
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