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Leyton Family<3 My 最佳, 返回页首 5 最喜爱的 personality traits/talents for Celine; 你 agree with?

14 fans picked:
#2 Kindness
#1 Creativity
#4 Modesty
#3 Icon/banner-making talents
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#5 Intelligence
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 XxXrachellXxX posted 一年多以前
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mooshka picked #2 Kindness:
All but this ALWAYS<333
posted 一年多以前.
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Nicolas97 picked #2 Kindness:
All all all all all!!!!
posted 一年多以前.
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XNaley_JamesX picked #2 Kindness:
Am I supposed to pick something myself? ;P
I guess I'm going with this one because my parents always say I'm too kind, and should though up sometimes, LOL ;P

Oh, and
Padmé icons = LOOOOVE
;D <3333
posted 一年多以前.
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marakii picked #2 Kindness:
Let me repeat myself .
ALL !!!
posted 一年多以前.
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AdeTiffSan picked #2 Kindness:
She's for sure the the kindest <3
posted 一年多以前.
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Kirkir picked #2 Kindness:
So kind-hearted <33
posted 一年多以前.