Leyton Family<3 Alphabet Countdown {Nominating for round 1 CLOSED}

XxXrachellXxX posted on Jun 22, 2014 at 05:22PM
So the deal here is that I give you an alphabet, and you have to say one thing for each member that reminds you of them.
The thing CAN be any of the following:
- Any fandom (including TV, movies, books, video games, reality shows etc)
- Any sort of fictional relationship
- Any fictional character
- Band/singer
- Actor/actress
- RL relationship
- Some sort of a group, like Gryffindor or House Lannister etc
- Positive personality trait
- Any website
- LPF member + fictional character/celebrity ship
- LPF friendship
- Anything relating to A Dustland Fairytale
- Songs
- LPF member + fictional character/celebrity friendship
- Any sort of hobby/talent
- Any fictional city/town
- Any country/city
- Any food
- Any quote as long as it starts with the letter in question
- Labels (like HBIC, BAMF)
- Brands, products etc
- Any scene from a fandom (but you have to make the sentence start with the letter in question)
- Any creature (like vampire, werewolf)
- Any season, month (but explain why), element

The thing CAN'T be any of the following:
- The person's username
- The person's name
- Anything that the person doesn't at least like

1. You must nominate something for everyone, or at least try. Everyone will get as many nominations. If someone leaves a blank, I will fill it.
2. Don't repeat. If you see someone has already nominated the same thing for the person, say something else. You'd be surprised how often I have to sort out the repeats in these things.
3. You also have to nominate for yourself, so I get the same amount of nominations for each member
4. When the picks come up, try to vote in everyone's picks. It's not a matter of how much you know about a fandom, it's what REMINDS you of the person the most. Any idiot can do that.
5. If your name is on the list below, I expect you to also nominate. I mean it.
6. Words like "The" and "A" don't count. So, for example: The Amazing Spider Man doesn't start with "T", it starts with "A" and A Song of Ice and Fire doesn't start with "A", it starts with "S".
7. Also, with characters like "Princess Aurora", the princess doesn't count, so it'd be Aurora. If you wanna put just princess, the title, go ahead, but it won't be Aurora.
8. If you have any questions, PM me. And have fun!

Members included in the countdown:
Ade, Aline, Bee, Amber, Atie, Nic, Maria, Nad, Rachel, Rana, Holly, Ines, Celine, Fatemeh.

Round 1: Letter A

Adrianna Tate Duncan
Aria & Ezra
Alex Karev
Alex & Nikita
Amber & Ryan
Ade & Nic
Aria Montgomery
Alex & Izzie
Amelia Shepherd
Ade & Dean
Ade & Stiles
Addison & Amelia

Amy Pond
Amy & Eleven
Aaron Johnson
Allison & Lydia
Amanda Seyfried
Alex Udinov
Aline & Hook
Alex & Emma
August & Emma
Aline & Rach
Allison Argent
Allison Cameron
Andrew & Emma
Aaron & Aline

Addison Montgomery
Allie Hamilton
Addison & Mark
Anna & Mary
Alo & Mini
Augustus & Hazel
Alex Udinov
Amazing Spiderman
Atie & Bee
Alex & Nikita

Alison Brie
Annie Edison
Anne Neville
Amber & Sawyer
Annie & Jeff
Alex Knightley
Anne & Richard
Amy & Jake
April Kepner
Annie & Britta
Anne Boleyn
Amy Santiago
Amber & Holly
Amber & Moosh

Allison Argent
Agents of Shield
Atie & Damon
Adrian Ivashkov
Atie & Bee
Allison & Lydia
Alex & Izzie
Allison & Isaac
Allison & Scott
Allison & Stiles & Scott
Atie & Moosh
Atie & Ian
Alex Karev

Amy Farrah Fowler
Alison Dilaurentis
Anne Hathaway
Aria & Ezra
Aria Montgomery
Adam Brody
Ade & Nic
Annie & Troy
Alex Karev
Amy, Penny & Bernadette
Amy & Sheldon
Arizona & Callie

Arizona & Callie
Addison Montgomery
Ade & Maria
Arizona Robbins
Aline & Maria
Alex & Addison
Amanda Seyfried
Alexis & Richard & Martha
Amy Raudenfield
Alexis Castle
Alex & Izzie

Amanda Seyfried
Allison Argent
Alex Dupre
April & Jackson
Adelaide Kane
Alaric & Damon
Arielle Kebbel
Alfie Dayes & Zoe Sugg
Alfie Dayes
Allison & Stiles
(Team) Arrow (sorta cheated :P)

Arya Stark
Arya & Gendry
Asha Greyjoy
Arya & Ned
Ashley Greenwick
Arya & Robb
Abbie Cornish
Aimee Richardson
Arya & Bran
Abbie & Richard
American Horror Story
Arya & Jon
Anne Boleyn
Arya & Sandor

Alex Karev
Ashley Benson
Alison Hendrix
Allison & Scott
Ashton & Mila
Alison & Sarah
Anne & Isabel
Atie & Moosh
Ashley & Shay
Alex & Izzie
Alex Dupre
Allison & Cosima & Sarah
Alison & Cosima

Amanda Seyfried
Agents of Shield
Alaric & Damon
Allison & Lydia
Alaric & Elena
Addison & Amelia
Alaric Saltzman
Alex Karev
Anna & Elsa
Atie & Holly
Allison & Isaac
Allison Argent

Alice Cullen
Astral Romance by Nightwish
Ade & Ines
Alaric & Jenna
Alexander Grayson
Alice & Jasper
Alaric & Damon
After Forever
Alaric Saltzman
Alice & Bella
Aaron Johnson

Amazing Spiderman
Andrew Garfield
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin & Padme
Agents of Shield
Andrew & Emma
Anakin & Obi-Wan
Autumn Reeser
Allison Cameron

Annie Cresta
Annie & Finnick
American Horror Story
Alex & Izzie
Amaury Nolasco
Alex & Nikita
Alex & Sean
Alex Karev
Alex Udinov
Alex Dupre
Allison Argent
Amaury Nolasco & Wentworth Miller


SOME fandoms starting with the letter "A":
(The) Amazing Spider-Man
(The) Avengers
American Horror Story
Agents of Shield

SOME fictional characters starting with the letter "A":
Alex Karev
Alaric Saltzman
Alex Dupre
Allison Argent
Arya Stark
Addison Montgomery

SOME actors/actresses starting with the letter "A":
Andrew Garfield
Alex Pettyfer
Abbie Cornish
Anna Paquin
Amanda Seyfried
Amber Heard

SOME personality-traits starting with the letter "A":

Those are just a few examples to get you started. Good luck!
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一年多以前 XxXrachellXxX said…
I created the forum already, but we won't be starting this until the first countdown closes, which will be around the 26th.
一年多以前 unicornsrreal said…
Ade: Adrianna Tate Duncan
Aline: Amy Pond
Bee: Andrew & Emma
Amber: Alison Brie
Atie: Allison Argent
Nic: Amy Farrah-Fowler
Maria: Annasophia Robb
Nad: Awesome
Rachel: Arya Stark
Rana: Amazing
Holly: Amanda Seyfried
Ines: Alice Cullen
Celine: Amazing Spiderman
Fatemeh: Annie Cresta
last edited 一年多以前
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Well, actually we weren't supposed to start this yet, but then again, I guess the nominations don't hurt ;)) 一年多以前
XxXrachellXxX commented…
ARYA <33333 一年多以前
Nicolas97 commented…
Amy <3333 一年多以前
tvdlover commented…
My baby Annie!!! 一年多以前
一年多以前 marakii said…
Ade: Aria&Ezra
Aline: Amy&Eleven
Bee: Adorable
Amber: Annie Edison
Atie: Arrow
Nic: Alison Dilaurentis (i may have killed her name :p)
Maria: Arizona&Callie
Nad: Authentic
Rachel: Arya&Gendry
Rana: Alex Karev
Holly: Agents of SHIELD
Ines: Awesome
Celine: Andrew Garfield
Fatemeh: Annie&Finnick
last edited 一年多以前
Nicolas97 commented…
Alison <333 一年多以前
tvdlover commented…
Annie and Finnick. <3 OTP 一年多以前
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Thanks <3 爱情 Arya/Gendry!!! 一年多以前
一年多以前 Sakkara98 said…
Okay,so here are my nominations,I don't know why,but I feel I'm gonna suck at this !

Ade: Awesome
Aline: Aaron Johnson
Bee: Accessible
Amber: Anne Neville
Atie: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Nic: Anne Hathaway
Maria: Addison Montgomery
Nad: Amanda Seyfried
Rachel: Asha Greyjoy
Rana: Ashley Benson
Holly: Authentic
Ines: Astral Romance by Nightwish
Celine: Anakin Skywalker
Fatemeh: American Horror Story
last edited 一年多以前
Nicolas97 commented…
Damn I wanted Ashley & AHS!!! Thanks for Anne <3333 一年多以前
Sakkara98 commented…
Sorry Nic :( I didn't know 你 watch AHS ! 一年多以前
Sakkara98 commented…
@Nic :Oh,okay ! 一年多以前
一年多以前 Nicolas97 said…
Ade: Alex Karev
Aline: Allison & Lydia
Bee: Addison Montgomery
Amber: Amber & Sawyer
Atie: Atie & Damon
Nic: Aria & Ezra guys!!!!
Maria: Ade & Maria
Nad: Allison Argent
Rachel: Arya & Ned
Rana: Alison Hendrix
Holly: Alaric & Damon
Ines: Ade & Inès
Celine: Anakin & Padme
Fatemeh: Alex & Izzie
tvdlover commented…
Alex and Izzie. MY BABIES. 一年多以前
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Arya/Ned <33333 一年多以前
一年多以前 tvdlover said…
Ade - Alex and Izzie
Aline - Amanda Seyfried
Bee - Arrow
Amber - Annie and jeff
Atie - Adrian Ivashkov
Nic - Aria Montgomery
Maria - Arizona Robbins
Nad - Alex Dupre
Rachel - Ashley Greenwick
Rana - Allison and Scott
Holly - Allison and Lydia
Ines - Alaric and Jenna
Celine- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Fatemeh - Amaury Nolasco
last edited 一年多以前
XxXrachellXxX commented…
ASHLEY <3333 一年多以前
Nicolas97 commented…
Aria <3333 一年多以前
一年多以前 Piu95 said…
Ade: Amber/Ryan {Parenthood}
Aline: Alex Udinov or Allison Cameron (the one that no one nominated for me)
Bee: Allie Hamilton
Amber: Alex Knightley
Atie: Atie/Bee
Nic: Adam Brody
Maria: ABBA
Nad: April/Jackson {GA}
Rachel: Arya/Robb
Rana: Ashton Kutcher/Mila Kunis
Holly: Arendelle bc she's our Elsa <3
Ines: Ariel
Celine: Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone
Fatemeh: Alex/Nikita
last edited 一年多以前
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Honeyyyy, I can't count ADF, "A" isn't a letter I count. DOES NO ONE READ THE RULES? 一年多以前
Piu95 commented…
Sorry, sorry :s Changed now ;) 一年多以前
marakii commented…
ABBA how on earth didn't I think of that ?! Best nomination <3333 一年多以前
XxXrachellXxX commented…
ARYA/ROBB <3333 一年多以前
一年多以前 XxXrachellXxX said…
Guys, for the sake of EVERYTHING, read the rules. A fandom that is called like "A song of ice and fire" does not count for "A" because I don't count "A" or "THE", they're not really a part of the word/phrase. Please try to remember that.

Ade: Ade & Nic
Aline: Aline & Hook
Bee: Addison & Mark
Amber: Anne & Richard (White Queen)
Atie: Allison & Lydia
Nic: Ade & Nic
Maria: Aline & Maria
Nad: Adelaide Kane
Rachel: Abbie Cornish
Rana: Alison & Sarah
Holly: Alaric & Elena
Ines: Authentic
Celine: Awesome
Fatemeh: Alex & Sean
last edited 一年多以前
Nicolas97 commented…
Ade/Me <3333 一年多以前
一年多以前 rorymariano said…
This was way harder then I thought it was going to be!

Ade: Aria Montgomery
Aline: Alex/Emma
Bee: Anna/Mary
Amber: Amy/Jake
Atie: Alex/Izzie
Nic: Annie/Troy
Maria: Alex/Addison
Nad: Alaric/Damon
Rachel: Aimee Richardson
Rana: Anne/Isabel
Holly: Addison/Amelia
Ines: Alexander Grayson
Celine: Anakin/Obi-Wan
Fatemeh: Alex/Izzie
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Wooo, thank 你 for Aimee! <33 一年多以前
一年多以前 AdeTiffSan said…
Ade : Alex and Izzie
Aline : August and Emma
Bee : Alo and Mini
Amber : April Kepner
Atie : Allison and Isaac
Nic : Aniston Jennifer
Maria : Amanda Seyfried
Nad : Arielle Kebbel
Rachel : Arya and Bran
Rana : Atie and Moosh
Holly : Alaric Saltzman
Ines : Accola Candice (hope that works too) if not Alice/Jasper (I really don't know)
Celine : Atwood Ryan (don't know if it works in that sense) if not Autumn Reeser
Fatemeh : Alex Karev

If there's something wrong, please let me know and pm me :) I'll change ;)
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Sorry, it has to be the first name that starts with A :/ Thanks for Arya/Bran though <3 一年多以前
AdeTiffSan commented…
You're welcome :) 一年多以前
AdeTiffSan commented…
For Nic I'm going with amazing, I really don't know what to include :p and anyway he is amazing :) 一年多以前
Nicolas97 commented…
^ Awww <33 一年多以前
一年多以前 WarriorGilbert said…
Ade: Amelia Shepherd
Aline: Aline & Rach
Bee: Augustus & Hazel
Amber: Annie & Britta
Atie: Allison & Scott
Nic: Awesome
Maria: Aline & Maria
Nad: Arrow
Rachel: Abbie & Richard ;)
Rana: Ashley & Shay
Holly: Alex Karev
Ines: Alaric & Damon
Celine: Approachable
Fatemeh: Ambitious
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Thank youuu for Abbie/Richard <333 一年多以前
Nicolas97 commented…
^ Rachel for "awesome" can 你 use a Barney icon? 哈哈 :P 一年多以前
XxXrachellXxX commented…
^ Sure :P 一年多以前
一年多以前 123Naki456 said…
Ade: Awesome
Aline: Allison Argent
Bee: Alo/Mini
Amber: Anne Boleyn
Atie: Allison/Stiles/Scott
Nic: Alex Karev
Maria: Alexis/Richard/Martha
Nad: Alfie Deyes/Zoe Sugg
Rachel: American Horror Story (sorry it's not something GOT related, but I think everyone already said everything)
Rana: Alex/Izzie
Holly: Anna/Elsa
Ines: Alaric/Damon
Celine: Authentic
Fatemeh: Alex Udinov
last edited 一年多以前
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Well, I can't say I'm a 粉丝 of AHS, but I guess there isn't anything else. Could 你 change Bee's nomination? Alo/Mini has already been 说 for her :) 一年多以前
Sakkara98 commented…
Alaric/Damon has also been 说 for me ^^ 一年多以前
Sakkara98 commented…
If 你 don't find Nad,you can put After Forever for me,it's a band ^^ 一年多以前
一年多以前 marakii said…
Rach if no one nominates Amy Raudenfeld for me can I change my nomination from Arizona/Callie to Amy?
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Okay, I'll try to remember! 一年多以前
一年多以前 XNaley_JamesX said…
Wow, this is gonna take me forever to figure out something for everyone ;P
PS: I can't believe no one has said Arrow for me yet :O
一年多以前 XNaley_JamesX said…
Ade: Ade & Dean
Aline: Allison Cameron
Bee: Amazing Spiderman
Amber: Amy Santiago
Atie: Atie & Moosh
Nic: Amy, Penny & Bernadette
Maria: Amy Raudenfield
Nad: Alfie Dayes
Rachel: Amanda Clarke, Arya & Jon or Aline & Rachel, you choose ;P
Rana: Alex Dupre
Holly: Atie & Holly
Ines: Alaric Saltzman (idk ;P)
Celine: princess Aurora (if no one nominates Arrow for me, then put Arrow please!)
Fatemeh: Alex Dupre

Well, this wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be ;P
last edited 一年多以前
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Guys, instead of Amanda why not give me Amanda/Jack? I can't say I'm too obsessed with them either, but I prefer the couple over Amanda as a character. And thanks, Celine, I'm taking Arya/Jon <333 一年多以前
Nicolas97 commented…
TBBT GIRLS <3333332 一年多以前
一年多以前 rorymariano said…
If no one nominates Audrey Hepburn for me, could you please change my nomination of Amy/Jake to Audrey?
XxXrachellXxX commented…
Sure! 一年多以前
一年多以前 xoheartinohioxo said…
Ade: Ade/Stiles
Aline: Andrew & Emma
Bee: Atie & Bee
Amber: Amber & Holly {if I'm not allowed to nominate our friendship, then Amber & Moosh}
Atie: Atie & Ian
Nic: Amy & Sheldon
Maria: Alexis Castle
Nad: Allison & Stiles {friendship}
Rachel: Anne Boleyn
Rana: Alison/Cosima/Sarah
Holly: Allison & Isaac
Ines: Alice & Bella
Celine: Arrow
Fatemeh: Allison Argent
Nicolas97 commented…
SHAMY <33333 wow no one has 说 calzona for me :( 一年多以前
XxXrachellXxX commented…
ANNE <333 一年多以前
一年多以前 Sakkara98 said…
If ideas are missing,someone can say Aaron Johnson for me ^^
一年多以前 unicornsrreal said…
If anyone's stuck for me, you could use Alex Udinov or Alex/Nikita?
一年多以前 tvdlover said…
If you're having trouble thinking of something for me you could use, Amaury Nolasco & Wentworth Miller or Amaury Nolasco & Sarah Wayne Callies {only as friends}.
last edited 一年多以前
一年多以前 XxXrachellXxX said…
I have 14 nominations for everyone now so nominating for round one is CLOSED.
一年多以前 mooshka said…
Oh oooooops lol!
Next time I swearXD
XxXrachellXxX commented…
It's okay ;) 一年多以前