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mooshka posted on May 09, 2014 at 03:14PM
Hello, welcome to the official Leyton Family confessions. Here you can submit any confession you have about the family! {as long as its not bashing a specific member!!} So confess away:)

How it works
You can pm me your confession if you don't care about being anonymous or what not but if you want to stay anonymous all you have to do is send me an anon message on Tumblr:) My tumblr can be found link

Some basic but obvious rules!
There's only really two...

1) I already mentioned this above, but yeah no bashing a member! That's dumb and so unfamily like and if someone does I won't publish it and if I find out who you are...I will seriously lose all respect for you.
2)Do not ask me...Who confessed this? because I won't tell you. (most likely I won't know either) but yeah the entire reason I'm having people pm me/anon message me is because these are called CONFESSIONS. So yeah, don't ask me and don't ask others!

kk, bitch mooshie gone:P

 Hello, welcome to the official Leyton Family confessions. Here 你 can 提交 any confession 你 have
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