Amazing Aline <3
So I have a thing about doing articles, and I haven’t done one for a while, so I thought now would be a perfect time to do one. The LPF and 你 guys have been such a big part of my life, and even though I have come and gone, 你 have all remained in my life in some way 或者 another, and I am forever thankful for 你 guys. This spot is very important to me, and so are you. Even if this spot never dies, I know our friendships and family will always be there. I can’t wait to continue to make 更多 memories with 你 all and to one 日 hopefully meet 你 all for some drinks and heaps of marathons

Here are some individual messages 你 tell 你 all how much 你 mean to me <3

Aline! Gah, I probably have never 说 this before, but I honestly admire 你 a lot. 你 just have this presence 你 that always makes me happy. While 你 and I don’t talk much, I still enjoy the times we do, and I like learning new things about 你 every day! 你 are the voice of reason on the LPF, and I hope we can create 更多 memories and find 更多 things in common. 你 are such an amazing person with a wise soul, and I am forever grateful to have met 你 <3

Amazing Aline <3

AMBERRY! MY BEAUTIFUL AND KIND HEARTED FRIEND. Gosh, the world would be a sad place if 你 weren’t in it. Like Mooshy 你 and I have been 老友记 for ages, and I still remember our LLT chats. 你 were still the biggest sweetheart even then. 你 have always made me smile and so happy, and I adore your personality and kind nature, and I can’t thank 你 enough for all the times 你 have made me feel special.

Beautiful Amber <3

Adorable Atie. Gosh, 你 are such a sweetheart, who never fails to make me smile 或者 laugh. I adore 你 in every single way. Thank 你 for being yourself and for always making sure 你 say hello to everyone. I remember when I first met 你 and I honestly was amazed at how much 你 made me laugh. 你 are such a great addition to the LPF and your crazy comments, humor and beautiful personality and something I will always treasure. 你 are the little sister I never had, and I will always be here for you.
爱情 你 little Atie <3

Awesome Atie <3

CELINE!!! Ahhh, my angel! I honestly have so much 爱情 for you, and gosh 你 make me happy. No matter what 你 always manage to bring so much happiness to the LPF and I missed 你 so much when I was not there. We have been 老友记 since the LLT days, and 你 will forever be one of my 最喜爱的 and original LPF girls <3 I 爱情 how 你 and I always seem to adore the same characters and our friendship always seems to stay the same no matter how much we talk 或者 don’t talk.
I adore your artwork and how excited 你 get over all your 最喜爱的 things. 你 always make me feel welcome and like I belong in this crazy family. Thank 你 for always being there for me and thank 你 for being the amazing person 你 are, 爱情 你 forever <3

Stunning Celine <3

FATEMEH, 你 GODDESS. I am always in awe of your beauty and kindness. 你 are so fantastic to talk to, and I adore 你 in every way. We haven’t spoken in a while but when 你 do 你 always amaze me with how easy 你 are to talk to. I know 你 will go far in life and I can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things 你 do. Never stop being who 你 are because it makes the world a better place.

Fabulous Fatemeh

冬青, 冬青树 <3 What can I say, 你 inspire me so much! 你 have been through so much, and yet 你 are so strong, 你 are so open minded, and 你 always listen to other people’s views. I am forever grateful to have 你 in my life. I will always remember how we always skyped and we always spoke every day. 你 made me appreciate brucas, and I 爱情 that 你 always made me feel like I could do and achieve anything in this world. 你 were one of my first 欢乐合唱团 buddies and OTH buddies, and that is something I will never forget. Holly, this LPF would not be the same without and my life would certainly be sadder if 你 weren’t in it. Thank you, Holly, for everything <3
Inspiring 冬青, 冬青树 <3

We haven’t spoken as much as I would have liked, but 你 mean so much to me. 你 have such a unique and vibrant personality. I 爱情 learning new things about you, and I adore how passionate 你 got about things 你 love. 你 honestly complete this family with your mind and your heart, and 你 are always the first to help everyone. Thank 你 for letting me be your friend and thank 你 for everything 你 do.

Unique Ines <3

KIR KIR KIR! Do 你 remember the good old FANATIC 5 DAYS! Ahhh I sometimes really miss that group. 你 and I have been through soooooooo much together. From the FANATIC 5 Days to the LLT days and now the LPF days. 你 and I have always had this amazing connection, and I have felt so proud to watch 你 grow and become the amazing lady 你 are. 你 inspire me every day, and I 爱情 how 你 carry yourself. Kir I adore you, I 爱情 our chats and all the memories we have made. Thank 你 for being one of my first 老友记 on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 and always remember that I am here for you. One 日 we shall meet, and I can’t wait.

Strong Kir <3

What can I say, 你 are such an amazing friend, and 你 provide such wisdom and laughter around here. 你 will forever be my Regina, Rachel Berry, Amelia and Outlaw 皇后乐队 Twin! 你 got me hooked onto Castle, and it makes me happy. When I first came back, 你 messaged me straight away, and a new friendship had formed. I don’t know but I 你 honestly mean a lot to me, and 你 are always willing to talk to me and help me when I am upset. I feel like you, and I are very similar at times, and I feel a huge connection to 你 that I hope never breaks, because 你 are amazing Maria and my life would be shit without 你 <3

Magnificent Maria <3

Nic Nic Nic! My fandom twin and honestly I sometimes think 你 are my soulmate :P. The one person I can always rely on to agree with me on nearly everything! Ever since I came back to the LPF, 你 and I have grown so close, and I am grateful for that. I wish I had met 你 sooner, but I am glad that I did meet you. 你 are never afraid, to be honest, and be yourself, and 你 are always making me laugh with your sass and sarcasm. 你 are nearly always the first person I message if something exciting happened in my life and 你 will never judge me for my mistakes 或者 regrets. 下一个 年 when I come to Greece…WE ARE HAVING A COCKTAIL.
Thank 你 for everything 你 do, and I will always cherish everything about you. Thank 你 for being my B.Davis, Phoebe, SATC and Seth Cohen buddy. 爱情 你 MY CARRIE <3

Sassy Nic <3

MY LITTLE SISTER, MY MOOSHY MOO, ONE OF MY FAVOURITE PEOPLE EVER. Honestly, 你 have impacted my life in such an amazing way. 你 are ALWAYS there when I need you, and 你 always make me laugh no matter what. We rarely NEVER EVER agreed on any fandom things except for RIVERDALE (Betty and Archie are the best!) and DAIR, and 你 are the bamf while I am the sweetheart. But the one thing we always agree on is how we will always be there for each other. 你 are always the first I message if I am sad 或者 happy and 你 have made me feel so much better when I am stressed 或者 upset. I can’t wait to meet up in person with you, and we can have our OTH and OC marathon. Thank 你 for being such an amazing yet sometimes annoying friend who makes me do picks with 你 all the time :P…AND I CAN’T WAIT TO CREATE 更多 MEMORIES WITH YOU.

Badass Rana <3

The LPF has been such a lifeline for me and it will always be a special place for me to relax. Thank 你 all for making it the place it is. I may come and go but 你 guys will forever be my family <3

Forever Family <3