Most BAMF cutie ever <333
The Hook/Killian and Emma/Jennifer (+ OUAT) queen!!

Holly: Oh gosh, Aline is so talented - i 爱情 her 写作 so much! And she's such a funny, genuine person. I 爱情 fangirling with Aline over so many things, she's just so much fun to talk with!
Kir:Eventhough I don't know 你 that much 你 seem like a great girl and I'm looking 前锋, 期待 to getting to know 你 更多 :D
Ade: Aline and I don't talk a lot 或者 actually never but for the few times we did it was always a pleasure. She is very realistic and down to earth. I feel like she is a 《勇敢传说》 person and I remember we shared very personal issues and I admire her independence. I also 爱情 the fact that she can be very passionated about what she loves and she is always nice to everyone.
Bee: I remember when we first met, before the LPF. We had so many fandoms in common we just got along like a house on fire. 3 years later, and she's still as close a sister as she's ever been. We haven't spoken much recently, and I've seriously missed her so much. 爱情 你 big sis<3
Inés: Though we're both french, we don't talk much, but I know Aline's been really busy with her exams. She's an amazing girl, whose 写作 skills are awesome ! We also met on the CBF, and it's cool to be able to know whe's here, even if we don't talk much !
Nerea: She seems to be a very kind and friendly person. Besides, I have seen that she also loves two of my favourite series (Vikings and Outlander), which is amazing. So, for these reasons, it would be wonderful to know 更多 things about her.
Atie: Aline is such an inspiration to me.She's so strong and independent.She's brave,loyal and honest.She's just bad ass.She's always there for her 老友记 and she's just a great person to talk to!
Jess: So we used to write back in the days, sadly we don't do that anymore, but we need to so much <3 She's deffo one of the oldies and so nice also. Aline, for me, stand for QUAT, I don't know why but whenever I have that 显示 in mind I see her 或者 rather her user 图标 in front of my eyes ;)
Elle: Aline, while I haven’t talked to 你 as much as I would have liked from what I have learnt 你 are such a caring and considerate person. 你 take an interests in what other people are doing and try to 评论 on everyone’s 民意调查 and wallposts. I am forever happy and thankful 你 wanted me in the ADF and I think 你 along with Rach are an amazing writer and 显示 爱情 and care in wiring everyone.
Maria: Aline is propably the bravest and most admirable person <3 . Another big sis of mine<33, a person I can always be honest with . I 爱情 talking to her because she's really funny and we always get each other ! 爱情 you<3
Nic: LPF BAMF<333 When I first met her I thought she was quite quirky but when I really met her I understood the type of badass she is! And ever since I admire and 爱情 her SO much, one of my best 老友记 here<333 Such a funny and supportive friend for everyone to have! And rn the only reason I like Emma is because everytime I see her I remember of you, which I LOVE<3
Fatemeh: 月桂树 to my Thea <3 Aline you’re so talented. You’re such an amazing writer!! I 爱情 your Personality so much. You’re like a badass with a good 心 just like EMMA :P. I 爱情 talking to 你 because you’re a lovely person and an interesting person. I hope we become closer in future. I 爱情 you.
Amber: Aline and I have so many shows in common, which I absolutely 爱情 because it’s usually shows that nobody else watches :P She’s also so crazy creative and such an amazing writer. I admire how hard she works and how dedicated she is to the things that she loves and the things that she wants to do. 爱情 你 <33
Rach: ALINE <333 你 and I are so, so, so close and I am so happy about that. We can talk about everything and I tell 你 even the things I don't tell basically anyone. And most times I don't even need to because 你 know what I'm thinking already. 你 are like the best ever and I'll always be here for you. You're badass, strong, independent, beautiful and a total Emma Swan, and 你 and your man are precious 婴儿 <33 I 爱情 你 SO MUCH!!! <3333
Rana: Aline is the coolest!! We rarely get to talk because stupid busy lives :P But when we do it’s always so interesting and fun! We have a lot in common so fangirling with her is ALWAYS fun and she’s one of those people who doesn’t mind when I send like fifty page long messages :P haha. She’s just probably the most interesting person ever and she’s such a joy! I 爱情 having her in this family! 爱情 你 my Paige.
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