The engagement of Richard & Rachel! <3
Note: This is my first piece of 粉丝 fiction... EVER! So please bare with me! ;P English isn't my native language either, so there may be some grammatical errors & such as well.
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Chapter 2: How to be brave

Rachel & Robb's apartment was only a few blocks further away. 由 the time Rachel pulled the car to a stop, her boyfriend was already half unconscious. She continued supporting her man up the stairs and was very thankful for those extra arm muscles she gained 由 practicing archery. When she finally managed to get him into bed, he opened his eyes again and pulled his beautiful girlfriend closer. "What are 你 doing?!" she screamed utterly startled. "I 爱情 你 Rachel. I 爱情 你 so much," he declared with his gazing eyes. "I really want 你 to be my wife. Will you... marry... me...?" And with those words he fell into the coma again. Rachel couldn't believe her ears. Did he just propose to her? Was that her moment? She tried to convince herself it was just the booze talking, but that didn't stop her from thinking about it all night. 由 5 AM she couldn't handle the insomnia anymore and decided to start preparing breakfast.
"Will you... marry... me...?" And with those words he fell into the coma again.

Richard woke up a few hours later with no Rachel 下一个 to him. Confused, he entered the kitchen, were he noticed a breakfast buffet full of pancakes, waffles, brownies, and even Rachel's famous 柠檬 cakes (which were his favorite). "Are we celebrating something?" Richard asked while giving his 爱情 a good morning kiss. No, I just... I couldn't sleep. "I didn't snore to much did I?” he laughed while trying to 包, 换行 his arms around her. Rachel mumbled something about her eggs getting burned to get out of his embrace. "Okay, talk to me. What's wrong?" Richard questioned. "Nothing's wrong,” she insisted, “Why would 你 say that?"
"Because I know 你 better than anyone, Rach! Besides, you’ve got that look on your face when 你 want to tell me something but you’re too scared to hurt my feelings.” She knew he was right. “Now speak up, 你 know I 爱情 你 no matter what," he encouraged her. "Last night, you... euhm, 你 说 something that kind of freaked me out." Richard nodded so she could continue to talk. "You said... 你 know, it's nothing, really," she denied.
"Rach please..." he sighed while looking at her with those 小狗 blue eyes, which were her greatest weakness.
Confused, he entered the kitchen, were he noticed a breakfast buffet full of pancakes, waffles, brownies, and even Rachel's famous 柠檬 cakes

"You asked me to marry 你 okay!” she snapped while turning her back to him.
Both of them were so shocked 由 what just happened, they didn't know what to say next. Richard just couldn't believe how he had been so stupid! Last night, he and Paul were sort of man-proving their selves 由 drinking, but apparently he wasn't as tolerant to alcohol anymore as much as he was in his college years.
This wasn't how it was supposed to go. Rachel was the girl of his dreams, but he could never stand 下一个 to her at the alter knowing that he didn't even remember his own proposal.
Finally he broke the silence 由 gently saying: "Rach, last night, I drank a lot and…" Rachel interrupted him: "I know okay? That's why I 说 it was nothing. Besides, I'm only 24 years old; I still got my whole life ahead of me. I wouldn't want even want to get married now. So, we're cool right?" Richard felt like someone punched him in the stomach. He couldn't believe what he just heard. Did she just say she didn't want to marry him? Rachel was blown away 由 her own words as well. Did she really feel that way? 或者 was she just toughening up in front of him? All she knew was that she needed to go somewhere to clear her head. "Richard, listen, I really need to go right now, but I'll see 你 tonight okay?" she said. Richard was paralyzed; all he could do was nod. Just as she was about to close the door behind her, Richard called her back and said: "Hey! ... I 爱情 you." "You too." were the only words she could bring out without starting to burst into tears.

Paul and Celine were still lying in bed. Last night was the most memorable night of their lives. Everything was perfect. Both of them thought they couldn't 爱情 each other 更多 than they already did, but they were wrong. They had never been happier.
"So this is what martial bliss feels like huh?" Celine 说 while facing her soon-to-be husband. "Easy there tiger, we're not married just yet." Paul laughed. "Well, then I guess I better get started!” she teased. “There's so much work to do: the dress, the location, the flowers, the reception..." "Yeah, yeah, I think maybe it's best if we stayed in 床, 床上 a little while longer," Paul 说 without losing his smile. "Hey, 你 proposed to me remember?" Celine chuckled.
As they were leaning into each other for another round, both of their phones started buzzing. "Oh man, I forgot there was a world outside this bedroom." Paul sighed.
Paul and Celine were still lying in bed. Last night was the most memorable night of their lives. Everything was perfect.

"It's Rachel. She wants to meet me at 星巴克 for coffee. Can I please go and tell her we're engaged? Please? Pretty please?" Celine squealed.
Paul smirked at her attempt of being adorable "As much as I want 你 to stay here in 床, 床上 all 日 with me, of course 你 can. She's one of your best friends. I actually have to meet up with Richard at their apartment." "Richard? Since when did the two of 你 become BBF's? Celine raised her eyebrows in confusion. Paul shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, since yesterday I guess. He's a cool dude. I like him. And for the record, guys don't use the term BFF's"
"No, it's called a bromance. Wow, it seems like 你 have a new pal, buddy! Are 你 going to tell your new pal 你 got engaged as well?" she screamed out of excitement.
"I don't have to, he already knows." Paul accidently blurted out.
"Future husband say what now?" she stared at her fiancé in confusion. "Well, he doesn't know 你 actually 说 yes, but I told him yesterday I was going to pop the question." Paul bit his lip.
"Okay, so a guy 你 only met twice knew about our engagement before I did?" Celine raised her voice.
"Honey, if 你 knew about it, it wouldn't have been that much of a surprise would it?" Both of them started laughing.
"I don't know. It felt like I could trust him, like 你 trust Rachel. They're both great individuals and they're perfect for each other. I wouldn't actually be surprised it they got engaged any time soon." Paul declared. No reaction. He laughed a little inside. This was the 秒 time he managed to keep a secret for her. Usually, she always sees right trough him, like that time he threw her a surprise party for her birthday. This engagement thing is so working for me, he thought proud of himself.

"Dude, no offense, but 你 seriously look like crap." Paul 说 to Richard as he entered his apartment.
"Yeah well, I feel like crap" Richard groaned.
"Let me guess, hangover?" Paul asked amused.
"Worse. But first let me ask, how did it go with 你 and Celine?" he wanted to know.
"Oh, amazing! We're officially engaged, we’re so happy and life is just beautiful right now man!" Paul couldn’t hide his excitement.
"I'm really happy for 你 guys. How did 你 ask her?" he genuinely wanted to know.
Paul told his story: "It was actually pretty stupid. I don't know how it happened but somehow I dropped the ring on the floor, she found it, and so I just had no other choice but to ask her at that moment. It wasn’t exactly like I planned it, but luckily she didn't mind it at all. She was thrilled!"
"I'm glad at least your little incident worked to your advantage." Richard grunted.
“You're not going to lose her, 你 爱情 each other too much for that. We'll figure something out."

"I'm not sure I'm following here." Paul asked in confusion.
"I asked Rachel to marry me last night." Richard 说 silently.
"You did what?” Paul exclaimed in shock. “Dude, what happened to the plan? I know you're excited, but a week really isn’t that long. Did 你 even present her with a ring?" "Of course I didn't! Because I can't even remember the moment!" Richard didn't want to start yelling at Paul, but he couldn't help it, he was just so mad at himself. "What did she say?" Paul asked calmly. He didn't want to upset Richard 更多 than he already was. "She basically told me she doesn't want to get married at all! Where does that leave us, man? I don't know how to fix my mistake. I 爱情 her so much, I don't want to lose her over something so stupid!" Richard covered his face with both of his hands.
"Hey listen, let's not go over the 最佳, 返回页首 on this okay? Paul tried to calm him down. “You're not going to lose her, 你 爱情 each other too much for that. We'll figure something out."

Celine felt like a complete idiot. She had this ridiculously big smile on her face that just wouldn't go away, and she could not stop staring at the rock that was hanging on her finger. Paul had such an impeccable taste; she would never be able to figure out how he had managed to pick out her dream ring. Entering Starbucks, she saw Rachel already sitting in the corner with a cup of coffee. Her hair looked messy, she didn't have any make-up on, and there were dark circles beneath her eyes. "You look happy," she mumbled while Celine took the chair 下一个 to her. "That, my dearest Rachel, is because I am! And I wanted 你 to be the first to know," she basically screamed while shoving her hand almost in Rachel's face. The reflection of the sunlight in Celine’s ring actually hurt Rachel's eyes. As much as she was happy for Celine, she was convinced this was just the universe punishing her for the way she reacted towards Richard. Celine awakened her out her numb state of mind 由 yelping: "Rach, I know you're happy for me, but if you're going to start crying, I'm going to start crying again and I just applied fresh mascara!" Rachel hadn't even noticed the tear that was rolling down her cheek, but Celine realized soon enough that it wasn't a tear of joy. "Rachel, what's wrong?" she asked concerned. Rachel shrugged her shoulders. "I'm so sorry Celine. I am happy for you, I really am but…" Celine interrupted her 由 giving her a hug. Neither of them were the must huggable persons on the planet, but they both knew when the other was in need of one.
"Tell me what happened." Celine tried to reassure her.
"Rachel, what's wrong?" she asked concerned.

Rachel shared everything that had happened after she had dropped Paul & Celine off at their home. When she was finished she was too embarrassed to look Celine in the eye. "You must really think I'm a terrible person now don't you?" she asked.
A little annoyed 由 her friend’s self-loathing, Celine tried to cheer her up. "You're not a horrible person, Rach. You're just a girl who's in love, and who got scared when things suddenly got serious."
"He's never going to propose to me ever again, not after what happened." Rachel covered her face. "Hey, 你 don't know that." Celine replied. "Yes, I do!" Rachel snapped. Celine hated seeing her friend in so much pain. "I don't believe that. I'm not sure about a lot of things, but if there's one thing I'm sure of is that 你 and Richard will live happily ever after."
"You know I don't believe in fairy tales." Rachel grunted. "Well, I do! Celine said. “And we'll think of something, okay? I'll talk to Paul and...." Rachel interrupted her. "No, please don't talk to Paul about this!" "Why not?" Celine asked confused. "I'm already embarrassed enough, I don't want him to know. Please promise me 你 won't tell him." Rachel begged. "Fine, I promise.” Celine said. And she meant it. “I actually promised I'd meet him for lunch, so I have to leave now, but I'll talk to 你 soon, okay?"
"Of course. I still have to do some grocery shopping anyways since I basically cooked up my entire fridge this morning.” Rachel whined. She didn’t want to be left alone right now, but she would never want to stand in the way of her friends’ happiness either. Just before she left, Celine had still one thing to say to her friend: "Hey, everything's going to be alright. I promise 你 that as well."

Things had changed a lot since that morning. Their engagement was the last thing on Paul and Celine’s mind. Their 老友记 were their main priority right now.
"Babe!" Stefan yelled at Celine who was standing at the counter of their 最喜爱的 lunch restaurant. "I've got something major to tell you!" "What is it?" Celine asked, still upset she couldn't tell her fiancé about what happened with Rachel.
"Oh my god, this is great news!" she screamed. "Honey, 你 & I have a very different definition of the words 'good news'.

After Paul explained to her everything Richard 说 to him, she was left with her mouth wide open. "Oh my god, this is great news!" she screamed. "Honey, 你 & I have a very different definition of the words 'good news'. Paul rolled his eyes at his love. "No, 你 don't understand.” Celine continued screaming. “Rachel wants to marry Richard so badly! She thought he didn't want to propose to her, this is all one big misunderstanding!" Without thinking, Paul grabbed his phone out of his pocket.
"Richard, it's Paul. We have a new plan."

Rachel was not looking 前锋, 期待 to return back home. She was too scared, too embarrassed to face her big love. Her biggest fear was that he wouldn't even be there when she opened the door. It took her a few breaths to have the courage to finally do it, but when she entered the room she saw the very last thing she expected to see. The entire 太空 was darkened with the exception of a few candlelights; the floor was covered in rose paddles and was that their song 'Clarity' playing in the background? Out of the darkness came her star, her moon, her everything. He had that irresistible smirk on his face, and was all dressed up. She always thought he looked incredibly handsome, but it was different this time. As he was standing right in front of her, she started panicking. "Richard, I...." Without saying anything, he put his finger on her lips and got down on one knee. This is a dream, Rachel thought. This couldn't be real.
Out of the darkness came her star, her moon, her everything. He had that irresistible smirk on his face, and was all dressed up.

"Rachel, 你 and I have been through a lot together. No matter what struggles we come across on our path, we always manages to face them, together. Every argument, every misunderstanding, has made us stronger. There's no doubt life will still hold difficult times for us, but I want 你 to stand beside me when that happens. 你 are the 爱情 of my life; 你 are my everything. Words aren't enough to tell 你 how much I 爱情 you, but hopefully I get to 显示 你 that every day, for the rest of our lives, together. Rachel, will 你 please marry me?" Rachel was already sure she was having a 心 attack, but when she saw her man opening a tiny black box, she officially 迷失 it.
"Yes! Of course I will! She jumped so hard into his arms that they both fell on the ground. After putting the beautiful diamond ring on her finger, Rachel still felt the urge to apologize. While she tried to speak, Richard pressed his lips gently on hers. He stared in her beautiful eyes and said: "I 爱情 你 so much." "I 爱情 你 too... my fiancé." Rachel smiled back. They shared what was probably the most passionate 吻乐队(Kiss) they ever had, wondering if they'd ever make it to the bedroom.
They shared what was probably the most passionate 吻乐队(Kiss) they ever had