The happy couple <3
I wanted to do a song fic. I hope 你 don't mind! And again, art isn't mine.


Heart beats fast, 颜色 and promises
When Maria had first met Darren, it had been at a quite the formal birthday party for her father. Darren's parents were 老友记 with Maria's parents. At that time Darren had been 18 and Maria had been 17. They had got to talking, and spent the entire night together.

How to be brave? How can I 爱情 when I'm afraid to fall?
Maria had never done anything like this before, been this close to a boy. Which was exactly the reason that when Darren called her the 下一个 morning to ask her out, she didn't answer. She was afraid. She was afraid that this was some sort of a plot, that he didn't really like her. She didn't want to get hurt.

But watching 你 stand alone, all of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow
As it so happened, Darren went to the same high school as Maria. And on Monday, as she saw him in class, looking at her with such adoration in his eyes, she realized that maybe it was worth it to take a chance. So after class she walked up to him and asked him out, just like that. And of course he 说 yes.

One step closer
The two spent a wonderful night at a romantic restaurant, followed 由 a movie at Maria's place. As they sat there, watching Mamma Mia with Darren's arm casually around Maria, he leaned a bit closer, causing her to turn her face towards his, and suddenly they were kissing.

I have died every 日 waiting for you, darling don't be afraid
After a few weeks of blissful dating, however, a rumor started spreading around school that Darren had another girlfriend, one of the 流行的 girls. Nic and Maria's other 老友记 tried to assure her that it was not true, but Maria's trust in Darren went away for a time, and he noticed. They started fighting. He asked her how could she have such little amount of trust in him, and Maria asked him to deny the rumor. It wasn't true, it had never been true, Darren would never do that to her, but he only 说 that if she trusted him, she didn't have to ask. And that is how they broke up.

I have loved 你 for a thousand years, I'll 爱情 你 for a thousand more
But after six months of being apart, during the summer, they met again. It was just a normal 日 on the beach. They had both come to spend the 日 with their friends. At first it was awkward, neither of them really knew what to say. But then they got to talking, and ended up spending the night (just like that night when they'd first met) just with each other, sitting on the 海滩 right 由 the sea line. At one point the waves crashed so far that they both ended up wet, but they were laughing like idiots, holding onto each other as the waves came crashing down onto the beach. And they both realized, at that moment, that they hadn't been that happy since they had been together. And suddenly all of their misgivings, all the doubt and anger just washed away, as if the ocean had cleansed them of all that as well. Darren leaned forwards and kissed Maria, cupping her cheek softly, pulling her closer. Maria kissed him right back, wrapping her arms around him. She knew that she was in 爱情 with him, and even better, this time she knew he loved her, too.
And that was the story of how the two got together. They never broke up again, and ended up married with two children. And every summer they'd rent a house 由 the 海滩 and sit 由 the waves, letting the water splash all over them, because it reminded them of the past, of their mistakes, of their good choices, and of their wonderful life together.