My family away from 首页 ♥
So as Kir and Chandler know, every time I go on holidays I end up 写作 a message to my girls. And this time is no different. Let me start 由 saying that 你 all mean the world to me, and I 爱情 你 all muchly. 你 are my family away from home, and even though our friendships are formed on the internet, it doesn’t make them any less real. So here is my message to each girl.
I 爱情 你 ALL ♥

JESS-You are amazing! Simple as that. 你 are one of a kind, and 你 are always up for a chat. I 爱情 your icons, and your way to turn something so simple into something so beautiful, just like you!! We have become such good friends, and that will never change. I 爱情 你 ♥

MARIA- I am so glad to have met you. 你 are beautiful! I have loved getting to know you, and each 日 I find something else that makes me like 你 even more!! I missed 你 when I was away. I 爱情 你 ♥

KIR- My fanatic five girl!! 你 are beautiful and awesome!! 你 are an amazing friend to talk to and I loved having our chats on twitter, and having fangirl moments. 你 and Chandler were two of my first 老友记 on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 and that will never ever be forgotten, 你 will never be replaced. I 爱情 你 ♥

CAT-I 爱情 chatting to 你 and having a good time. 你 are so easy to get along with and 你 can always make me smile. And I need to say that I adore 你 icons, as always!! I 爱情 你 ♥

My Partner in crime ♥
HOLLY- My partner in crime, the one who will help me with my Puckleberry endgame mission!! I 爱情 you. I think 你 are an amazing and strong person, and 你 have such an honest heart. I admire 你 so much. I 爱情 talking to 你 on skype and getting to know 你 in a 更多 personal way, I feel like I can tell 你 anything. Always stay true to who 你 are. We also need a skype chat soon♥

CELINE-Beautiful and Kind Celine. 你 have one of the best hearts, and an amazing personality. 你 are always there for everyone and can make me smile 由 just asking how my 日 was 或者 由 being your beautiful self. Never ever change!! I 爱情 你 ♥

STEPH- One of my favourite things about 你 is your obsession with Bones, I think 你 could just get about anyone to watch it!! But 你
One of my favourite things about 你 is your obsession with 识骨寻踪
are also one of the most down to earth people I have ever met. I feel like I can tell 你 anything and 你 won’t judge me. And that 你 know how to cheer me up. I hope that we always remain close. I 爱情 你 ♥

RACH-You make me laugh. 你 have a gorgeous 心 and 你 always know the right things to say. If 你 hadn’t have created the Leyton 爱人 Thread we may not have met, and I can’t imagine my life without 你 in it. 你 are amazing, and I 爱情 getting closer to 你 each day. I also can’t wait for 你 to visit Australia ;). Never change!! P.S 移动 over Quick, a new couple is coming through, Puckle FTW!! I 爱情 你 ♥

KELLY- OUR LP MUM!! 你 are the perfect choice to lead our family. I 爱情 your protectiveness and your loyalty and always speak your mind, but do it in a manner that doesn’t offend anyone. It’s been amazing getting to know you, and I 爱情 that 你 are just always there. I hope we always remain friends. I 爱情 你 ♥

MAHAM- I don’t know if I have told 你 this but your art work is my inspiration. 你 are
Maham 你 Inspire me
flawless. 你 just amaze me every time I see a new icon. We may not be as close as others, but I still 爱情 talking to 你 and getting to know 你 all the same. And I also 爱情 the fact that we are birthday buddies :D I 爱情 你 ♥

CHANDLER- My other fanatic five girl!! I am glad to have 你 in my life, 你 are amazing!! We may have drifted at some point, but we came back together and I feel even closer to you. 你 always remember the little things that I have told you, and 你 always want to know how I am. I believe our friendship has become stronger. I 爱情 你 ♥

ADA- My beautiful Ada!! 你 are gorgeous. 你 are always there for me and talking to 你 never gets old. We have so much in common and I don’t know what I would do without 你 in my life. 你 have a 心 of gold, and 你 should never let anyone bring 你 down. I can’t wait to talk to 你 again. I miss you!! I 爱情 你 ♥

LAURA-My future Wifey!! I have missed you, I have missed talking to 你 and having our daily
chats. 你 always make me laugh and 你 just seem to understand me and get what I mean. Just like Ada 你 have 心 of 金牌 and are always there for me no matter what. 你 are beautiful and I can’t wait to marry 你 and to start our own reality show. I 爱情 你 always ♥

AMBERRY-My Stunning Amber!! 你 are an amazing person to talk to and I 爱情 out chats on the LLT. 你 have beautiful personality and 你 know how to cheer anyone up and that everyone should have their own Amberry in their recipe of life. I 爱情 你 ♥

ANGI-A beautiful girl and a fellow Harry Potter Fanatic. I adore everything about you, and the only thing I would change is your 爱情 for Quick. JOKING!!! 你 are so 随意 that every 日 你 have me in tears of laughter. 你 are my own personal 射线, 雷 of sunshine. I 爱情 你 ♥

MOOSHY MOO- My little Sis!! 你 are my go to girl whenever I get an idea. 你 are always there to listen to me and help me whenever I have a problem. I can’t wait to write 更多 amazing 文章 with you, and that 你 will always remain my little sister. I missed 你 so much when I was away, and I 爱情 that whenever I am upset 你 could always cheer me up. I 爱情 你 ♥

NAD-Baby Ninja. 你 are awesome, and I 爱情 having fangirl moments with you. And 你 get bonus points for shipping Puckleberry. But what I 爱情 most about 你 is your self-confidence and how trustful 你 are. 你 are an amazing friend. I 爱情 你 ♥

MARGOT-We may not be as close as other, but 你 are wonderful. 你 are a beautiful singer and I know that 你 will make it far. 你 are also a gorgeous girl with an even better personality. Always stay true to who 你 are. I 爱情 你 ♥

KIM-I miss talking to you. We get along so well and 你 are stunning!! There is nothing bad to say about you. And I hope that we continue to get close and always stay friends. I 爱情 你 ♥

NIKKY-You are always so calm and silent,
yet 你 are always one of the first to defend us and LP. 你 are amazing and have an amazing 心 and personality, and I 爱情 having a chat with you. I 爱情 你 lots ♥

ALE- 你 are a badass and I 爱情 how 你 always stay true to yourself and your beliefs. I admire your honestly and how 你 will always state your opinion, but never hate on anyone for theirs. Never change, I 爱情 你 ♥

DALMA-I miss you. I have always loved chatting to you, and I 爱情 when we do get to talk and it’s like we are never ever apart. I 爱情 your personality and I 爱情 你 ♥

RACHEL-Even though 你 are new I 爱情 getting to know 你 更多 each day. 你 are an awesome girl and I 爱情 finding out 更多 about you. I 爱情 你 ♥

Well my LP and BL girls, I just 爱情 你 all. 你 are all amazing and I hope that we never drift apart. 你 are all special in so many ways and I missed talking to 你 all for two weeks!! 你 are some of my best friends’ real life 或者 not 你 all mean the world to me. So this is my little gift to 你 all, and I just wanted to say thank 你 for letting me be a part of this family and for being there for me. 你 are my family away from home. I 爱情 你 ALL ♥
P.S 下一个 time I go on holidays 你 are all coming with me!!

你 are some of my best friends’ real life 或者 not 你 all mean the world to me.