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Never reeally wrote one of these before.... XD Hope 你 enjoy! :3

你 had looked up from the book 你 were 阅读 on the coach. (If not comic XD) To see A red faced Kai.
你 tilted your head. "What's the matter Kai?" 你 asked. "Training gone bad again?" A small giggle escaped your lips but Kai.... he was not amused. Not one bit. He just glared at you. One serious face. Hes brown orbs stayed connected with 你 (e/c) ones.
"Okay,okay. What up? 你 seem upset....." 你 finally 说 sighing.
"Upset? Upset?" his voice was getting higher....
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Cole X Reader

Requested 由 : link

Keys used:
(Your Name)
(hair color)

Risk Taker

"(Your Name), hold up!!!" Cole yelled.
The (hair color) haired girl just ran faster toward the big bridge. She was very excited that Cole had agreed. No one else on the bounty seemed to want to go bungee jumping with her except for her best friend.

"You hurry up, slow poke!" (Your Name) yelled, picking up her pace.
Cole hurried after her as she dashed onto a bridge.

(Your Name) set down a very heavy-looking bag beside her. She opened it up and dug through it, finally pulling out two thick green...
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Carisa POV

I wrapped cold bandages around Kai. I felt awful. I was the ninja of water, and I can't even tap into my powers. I could have saved him from the pain. Kai stirred. I was surprised. The incident had happened a 小时 earlier, and I was replacing his bandages. His eyes slowly opened. He did not speak, only looked around. He looked at me. "Hi, Kai" I said. He looked like he wanted to talk, but he passed out again. I finished tending to him, and went to 加入 the others. They were training.
"How's Kai?" Zane asked.
"He seems to be recovering quickly. He woke up for a few seconds, but passed...
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