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posted by kowalskilover13
kowalski was in his lab working on his new invention. he was going to name it the mind switcher.

he was messing with it all night. then 日 break hit. he was finally done. he picked up the 头盔 and took it outside. he placed it on the ground 下一个 to a satellite dish.

he hooked the machine to it. then the satillet sent the signal out. the signal covered the whole world. then the 射线, 雷 hit kowalski.

kowalski woke up and felt very different. he found a mirror as he was passing it with the mind switcher. he gasped at what he saw. 或者 should he say she?

"what happened to me?" kowalski asked herself. "well this is strange, i guess I'll have to rename myself" she said. "i guess I'll go with kiwi" she said.
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