Kion and Rani Updates

a photo 增加: Kion and Rani ·28天前 by hornean
a comment was made to the photo: Kion and Rani ·1个月前 by ODDO-15
a pop quiz question 增加: Who is the first of the Pride Lands royal family to approve of Kion's relationship with Rani? ·1个月前 by hornean
a link 增加: Rani - 迪士尼 wiki ·1个月前 by hornean
a link 增加: Kion - 迪士尼 wiki ·1个月前 by hornean
a poll 增加: Simba & Nala, Kiara & Kovu, 或者 Kion & Rani? Which do couple do 你 like better? ·1个月前 by hornean
a video 增加: King Kion & 皇后乐队 Rani - The Lion Guard (Final Scene) ·1个月前 by hornean
a video 增加: Of The Same Pride - Kion and Rani ·1个月前 by hornean