this is a poem i wrote for my sister!!!! hope u like it!! :D

你 are always there
when i need you,

sometimes 你 are
too good to be true

we will always
be together and i will
always 爱情 you

i want 你 to know
that 你 are my true
friend and i hope
i can be one to you

你 have no idea
how pretty 你 really are

你 shine brighter
than the brightest

ther is an open spot
in my 心 for you

that will never
ever fade to blue

you'll always be
that special part,

that is located
deep in my heart

i hope 你 know
tha all this is real

that 你 make me
happy and that' the

i will always be that
person you'll call

whenever 你 feel
like 你 will fall,

你 are the first
person i would tell
anything to,

i hope that 你 will
do the same too

knowing 你 would
be the one i'd call

if i ever needed

i hope that we
will do everything

and be side 由 side
forever and ever,

i hope that 你 will read
this poem i wrote,and
look at it when 你 are

i hope that it will make 你
happy,cuz it will make me
knowing that i did that

to my pawsome
sis nala :3