Kim Possible Which 'Emotion Sickness' quote is your favorite?

Pick one:
"If you're an evil genius why don't 你 invent your own stuff?"
"It's called out sourcing Shego."
"I'm so happy you're okay, because i don't know what I'd do if something happened
"Did I forget your birthday, is that what this is about? Because I sacred."
"Ron 你 got some explainin' to do!"
"I feel like I should say something sarcastic, but I can't."
Drakken: "We like evil right!?" Shego: "You're leaving in my time of need!"
"Stoppable, it's pronounced Stoppable!"
Kim: "Men?" Shego: "Oh yeah."
"You won this round with your superior dib calling."
 zanhar1 posted 一年多以前
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