Kim Possible Which Sitch In Time quote is your favorite?

Pick one:
"High five! Shego...high five..."
Monkey Fist: "You wouldn't know monkey power if 你 held it in your little hands.
Drakken: "Kim Possible!" Monkey Fist: "Why do 你 always act so surprised?"
Kim: "Welcome to my world." Shego: "Yeah, can we focus here Kimmy?"
Monique: "Kim her hands are glowing." Kim: "Yeah, avoid those."
"Hey why don't 你 guys work as a team and put the stupid head on together."
"I hate sharing" "No Sharing." "Than we shall not share together."
Drakken: "It's 2 against 3." Shego: "Excuse me!" Drakken: "Okay fine 2 against 4
"Ya know in this light, you're kinda cute."
"We got a time monkey, woohoo yay for us. But we need a plan."
"Oh, smart." Like one 分钟 later. "Okay, just got dumb."
Kim: "This is low, even for 你 Shego." Shego: "Not my idea."
"He has the power of time travel and he's late!"
"What did I tell Drakken about the clones." "I'm not. I'm 你 from the future."
"Grab the time monkey, we need the time monkey." "Can't I just use yours." "No t
Drakken: "This'll throw the time stream into chaos." Cop: "Yeah like I haven't he
"Wasn't it clear that Shego was the only one smart enough to take over the world?
"The attitude adjustment center." Kim: "Isn't that the high school?" "Prepared to
Shego's entire 'The Supreme One and You' clip.
"Time travel; it's a cornucopia of disturbing concepts."
Shego: "See 你 were born to be a sidekick" Drakken: *mockingly* "See 你 were bo
"No touchy my monkey"
"Now gloat! Tell them how 你 did it!"
"You're the reason I've been eating meat cakes!"
"You broke the time monkey. 你 BROKE THE TIME MONKEY!"
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