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This KH: Organization XIII 照片 might contain 标志, 海报, 文字, 黑板, 文本, 讲台, 阅览桌, 看书, 茶歇, 咖啡休息, and 咖啡.

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 Xemnas, our Leader and Superior.
Xemnas, our Leader and Superior.
How does one know they are a loyal Organization XIII fan? Lots of reasons. I'm going to 列表 a few of them. Please add your own if 你 want.

1. 你 have memorized their names and powers.
2. 你 own a 涂层, 外套 and where it everywhere.
3. 你 try and open Dark Corridors to get places.
4. 你 end up having no emotion after playing as your 最喜爱的 members in KH 358/2 Days.
5. 你 walk up to a 随意 brunette spikey haired boy and demand for Roxas to return to the Organization
6. (my favorite) 你 rearrange your name and insert an X to make up an Organization name for yourself and order people to call you...
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This is my very first Organization XIII fanfic. I've had this idea for quite some time, I thought I'd post it. Well, it's about Zexion, so enjoy!

日 53: peaceful readings
Zexion sat in his room as Vexen went through his calculations. Zexion was 阅读 a book on relativity and its uses. As he read, Vexen called out a string of complicated theroms and postulates. Zexion nodded, then called out, "make note of that, Jason" In a corner of the room, a red-headed kid put his book down and started to scribble down notes in a notebook he had. Zexion looked at the kid. Jason was alright, he thought....
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As seen in Part 1...

"The King!?!?! Oh no!! Don't worry, your Majesty, we'll rescue him, no matter what it takes! Come on 你 two!" The 皇后乐队 pondered for a moment, and then shouted, "Wait!" She ran towards them, "I'm coming with you."
"Whaaa? Are 你 sure your Majesty? It can get pretty rough out there. And, if anything happened to you, I don't know what I'd do to forgive myself." Sora stammered.
"Of course i'm sure!" The 皇后乐队 replied, "Don't be so silly, he's my husband!" Sora replied, "I don't know... What do 你 say guys?" Goofy said, "Well, I guess she has the right, uh, I mean, well,...
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A tribute to Organization XIII with the song Almost Human.
organization xiii
organization xiii tribute
VIZ Media
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A collection of clips from the Kingdom Hearts series based on the group of 13 powerful nobodies, hoping to become complete. Contains clips from Kingdom Hearts II, Final Mix + and Re:Chain of Memories.
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