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posted by HattersMadGirl
Katrina: I have shed my tears for Brom... and yet my 心 is not broken. Do 你 think me wicked?
Ichabod: No... but perhaps there is a little bit of witch in you, Katrina.
Katrina: Why do 你 say that?
Ichabod: Because 你 have 《家有仙妻》 me.

Katrina: Good-bye, Ichabod Crane. I curse the 日 你 came to Sleepy Hollow.

Katrina: Will 你 take nothing from Sleepy Hollow that was worth the coming here?
Ichabod: No. No, not nothing.
Ichabod: A kiss, from a lovely young woman, before she saw my face 或者 knew my name.
Katrina: Yes, without sense 或者 reason.

Ichabod: Katrina, why are 你 in my...
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