okay, so 你 are sick and Min Hyuk cleared his schedule just to take care for you! This is how he takes care of you:

You:: Oppa!! 你 didn't have to clear your schedule for me! I feel ok!
(you sneeze)
Min Hyuk: No 你 don't!! I will stay here untill 你 feel happy and healthy like usual! That's a promise!
You:: Oppa!! 你 are so sweet!!
(you 吻乐队(Kiss) his cheek)
Min Hyuk: Thank you. Besides, i know 你 would do the same for me right?
You: Of Course Oppa!!!
Min Hyuk: One second, I will be right back.

(Min Hyuk comes in with 食物 for you)

[u}You[/u]: Oppa! thank 你 for the food
Min Hyuk: 你 need all the vitamins 你 can get. See? I brought 你 橙子, 橙色 juice!
Min Hyuk bringing 你 橙子, 橙色 果汁

You: Thank 你 so much for taking care of me Oppa!
Min Hyuk: (puts 橙子, 橙色 果汁 in glass)
You: (drinks 橙子, 橙色 果汁 and finishes eating
Min Hyuk: Dont forget your medicine!!!
You:Thank 你 Oppa.

After a few days, 你 start to get better but he comes to visit everyday just to make sure your still getting better.As soon as Min Hyuk wakes up he comes to visit 你 Min Hyukkie comes in looking like this:
Min Hyuk comes to visit 你 looking like this