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When joy was a cute baby she was all adorable and her parents will able to take good care of her

After that

Joy is sitting down she see's Amy and says

" hello I'm joy and 你 are? "

And Amy looks at joy and said

"im Amy ,Amy rose "

And joy gets up and said

"let me interduce myself I'm joy the Hedgehog"

Amy 说 with a happy sound

"glad to meet u joy "

And sonic ran 由 and joy fell and 说 angry


Sonic stoped and 说

"sorry ^^'"

Joy 说 it nicely

"its ok ^^"

Sonic was shocked

So joy 说

"Hi I'm joy and 你 are?"

Sonic 说

"im sonic sonic the Hedgehog"

And joy got up and 说

"cool nice name"

Sonic blushed alittle and said


And joy said


And joy left
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added by kesha759