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I thought this might be fun to do since I haven't done one of these 文章 in awhile, and never on this club. Enjoy!

1. I wash my hair at least six days a week. Greasy hair is one of my biggest pet peeves.
2. Speaking of pet peeves, people are my biggest one.
3. My 最喜爱的 颜色 are brown, purple and gray.
4. My dream climate is thunderstorms. Daily. I even get seasonal depression, but instead of hating the winter/needing sun, I need to hear thunder.
5. For the most part, I name my furry pets after 最喜爱的 characters. My goldfish are always Rome-themed.
 My dog is named Horatio while my tortie cat is named Calleigh
My dog is named Horatio while my tortie...
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posted by 约克郡玫瑰
Our Lovely Friend Heather ❤️

Although Heather and I have been on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 for many years now,it's only over the last 年 that I have really gotten to know her.I wish I would have connected with her sooner,but it's ok.I am connecting with her now and that's the main thing.

Heather is a gracious giver nothing is too much trouble for her.She is very kind,creative and supportive to all her 老友记 on fanpop.Her knowledge for 图书 knows no bounds.We can all learn a lot from her.Just take a look at her book section in the forum.Heather describes them in detail and with a true passion.She is a true...
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