Jeff the killer Which Song Would Make Sense As Jeff's Theme Song? (LISTEN TO ALL SONGS BEFORE MAKING DECISION!!!) ((links in comments))

Pick one:
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These) 由 Marilyn Manson
Hahahaha 由 Twiztid
Kill Everyone 由 Hollywood Undead
Scream 由 Avenged Sevenfold
You're Going Down 由 Sick 小狗
Bodies 由 Drowning Pool
Knives and Pens 由 Black Veil Brides
Count Bodies Like 羊 由 A Perfect 圈, 圈子
Bonfire 由 Building 429
Monster 由 Skillet
Madness In Me 由 Skillet
Circus For a Psycho 由 Skillet
Sick of It 由 Skillet
Freakshow 由 Skillet
Misery Loves My Company 由 Three Days Grace
Break 由 Three Days Grace
Animal I Have Become 由 Three Days Grace
Let 你 Down 由 Three Days Grace
Death Of Me 由 RED
Fight Inside 由 RED
Overtake 你 由 RED
 Lancelot8 posted 一年多以前
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