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posted by BryannaMolina
 The best I can do.
The best I can do.
Hi!So if 你 read my first one,I was kinda in a rush.I hate studying.so,yeah i really hope 你 liked it!so today im gonna do video ideas.

1 he should do a vid about his celeberty crushes.

2 a 2nd ask jc

3 a vid with him at the beach

4 a reeactment (sorry if its wrong im in a rush again) of
him doing a talent 显示 或者 the most funniest moment with a fan

k that is pretty much it so ummm i will have a new fanfic on qoetv oh yeah my celebirty crush is Jc.Bye!

(hey quick thing post your celebrity crush in the comments!!!! :) bryanna molina) k by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Hope 你 like it!I will hav one of him soon!
Hope you like it!I will hav one of him soon!
posted by BryannaMolina
嘿 everybody!So ummm I'm new and no hate 评论 and I want lots of fans.So 你 should know little bit about me.



3.I 爱情 Arizona Tea!

4.Love to 滑冰 board!

5.I go 由 many nick names.My real name is bryanna but people call me devon,b,bry,anna,brybry, and many more.

Ok,that's enough so 你 can read 更多 about me when I do fanfics about Jc 或者 JB.(Justin Bieber)
So today I wanted to talk about how cute Jc is.Well it is not really an 文章 so it is kinda of me telling 你 of how much I think how jc is.I like the way his hair is to the side.His eye color a sharp but soft brown his nose so cute.

k,bye I know it was short but hate studying!!Teachers are mean these days! Kay bye!!