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posted by Invader_K
 What? Invaders can't write about 阿凡达 THE LAST AIRBENDER?
What? Invaders can't write about AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER?
Kayleys POV

I was walking 首页 one day. I hurried past the bus stop. I was hurrying because my 最喜爱的 显示 was going to be on soon. It was going to be on until 12:30am tonight. The 显示 I'm going to be watching Avatar:The Last Airbender.
I 爱情 that 显示 so much! I wish I could be on the show. I really wish the world was the show. As I got home, I threw my backpack on the floor. My mom groaned. "How many times do I have to tell 你 to stop throwing your stuff on the floor?" she asked, looking at me seriously. I sighed. I dragged my backpack into my room. "Now to turn on my TV and watch my show!!!"...
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posted by Invader_K
"You're stupid Zim. You're an irken, Zim." a voice chanted.
"No! Leave him alone!" Blink said.
"I don't have to listen to you!" the voice yelled to her.
"Ugh! Zim! Hurry! Wake up! Wake up Zim!" Blink cried, shaking him.
"Get away from Zim!" the voice raged.
"Never!!! Zim please wake up! Zim! Wake up!" Blink cried out.
"That's it! 你 better get away from him so I can finsh the job!" the voice yelled, getting closer.
"No! Take me instead! Please! Don't kill him! Please! Take me!" Blink said,crying.
Zim opened his eyes. A 火, 消防 appeared before him. The sight of Blink being carried away,crying
was also...
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posted by JarethFan
Watup Guys? I'm JarethFan and welcome to my fanclub! If 你 joined 你 rock! My 最喜爱的 颜色 are purple and black and I 爱情 The 1986 movie Labyrinth! I live in Anchorage Alaska and is going to go to Clark Middle School. I am going to 6th grade! Anyways, I am 11 years old. My best friend on this site, is s3ptember! I can always count on her. I 爱情 Jareth but i don't like david bowie. I know im wierd but i do not like him one little bit! maybe i like Jareth cause of the wig and stuff.my 最喜爱的 TV shows are Sonny with a chance,hannah montana forever,Suite life on deck, Suite life of Zack and Cody,Phineas and Ferb, Making Fiends, George Lopez and Good luck Charlie. My fave 电影院 are labyrinth,sharkboy and lavagirl, and aladdin. thats all i could think of. oh and i like 首页 alone. thanks for joining!

jAretH faN
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