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added by RealProdigy143
posted by Imdalyric
To me, there are three things we all shud do evryday. We shud do dis evryday of our lives. #1 is laugh. Laugh evryday. #2 is think and #3, u shud have ur emotions moved 2 tears, cud be happiness 2 joy. But think bout it. If u laugh, u think and cry, thats a full day!

Neva neglect the smaller thingz. Neva skimp on that extra effort, that additional few minutes, that soft word of praise and thnx, that delivering of the very best u can do. It doesnt matter wat other think but wat u think of urself. 你 can neva do ur best, which shud be ur trademark. If u are cutting corners and shirking responsibilities. 你 are SPECIAL!! Act It! Neva neglect the small things...

4rm: ur "Aunt" .
Some inspiration 4 when u grow up... ;)