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Jackie Emerson isn't your typical teenage fangirl. Sure, she's been obsessed with The Hunger Games since long before she had to read the book for her high school English class, and when director Gary Ross interviewed her for his proposal to direct The Hunger Games, she thought to herself, "What if?" The difference between Jackie and the hundreds of thousands of other fans, however, is that she was actually selected to participate in The Hunger Games. But don't worry -- this wasn't a fight to the death.
The 17-year-old actress will be playing Foxface inThe Hunger Games movie, coming out on coming...
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posted by KateKicksAss
Everyone's on a rocket ship
Leaving the earth ooh-oh-oh
Shooting up so fast into the great unknown
Letting go of the nursery rhymes
Locked on land ooh-oh-oh
Left behind in another time all alone

I know that I can't be a kid forever
But I know that I must live it now 或者 never

I am not like Peter Pan
I can't live forever in a Neverland
But I'm not gonna grow up too fast
I want my childhood to last
I am not like the boys and girls
Who live in their never-aging world
I wanna freeze time at the drop of a hat
But even I can't do that

See 'em taking off
I see 'em going so fast ooh-oh-oh
Watch 'em leaving me behind...
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posted by KateKicksAss
The chase is on
You're so hot on my heels
As we race off into the night

So you'd better catch up
'Cuz I'm taking the lead
And I'm running right out of your sight

I can hear your footsteps behind me
Farther and farther away
I remember when 你 were beside me
You can't keep up with my pace

I'm long gone I'm way ahead
Ever since this race began
But 你 are welcome to try
To catch me if 你 can
Like an avalanche that's moving
Down a snowy peak
See there's no stopping me
So 你 can catch me if 你 can
Catch me if 你 can

Don't look back
Feel the wind on my face
As I run away from the past

Don't turn around
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It's Hunger Games Tuesday here at the Teen Vogue offices, and we were so lucky to get a visit from the lovely Jackie Emerson aka Foxface! Jackie, who is 17 and was just accepted to Stanford 大学 (where she hopes to major in Performing Arts and Asian Studies), is not only a Hunger Games star, but also an amazing singer. She's currently working on an album and has already released a video for her song "Peter Pan." We were lucky enough to 测试 the rising 星, 星级 about what it's like to play Foxface, who she bonded with while filming, and what she hopes to do next.