It's been three days since Seth's birthday and as a present i promised him i would tell my mam we have been dating.I walk around my room thinking of how i could tell my mam.I have been 首页 from school for about three hours and got all my homework done.
My thinking is interuped when i hear a beabing.My mam opens my bedroom door a few secound later smiling.
"Honey are 你 done you'r homework?"she says.
"Yeah why?".
"Seth is downstairs waiting to bring 你 to Renesme's house.Be back 由 nine okay"she says knowing i want to go.
"Thanks mam"i say giving her a hug and quickly going downstairs.
Seth is talking to Andy when i get downstairs and he smiles at me brightly and cheerful.I give Andy a big hug then me and Seth leave in his car.Seth takes my hand as he is driving and the radio is on so i sing along.
We get to the Cullen's house in no time Seth and i get out of the car.I start to walk towards the house then Seth gently tugs me back and i woble.Seth steadies me and takes my hands in his.He smiles at me and can see that i am confused his smile gets bigger.
"What?"i ask nearly winey.
"We're not going there i have something else in mind"he says letting go of one of my hands.
He leads me deep into the woods never letting go of my hand.The sun beams through the leaves of the trees making designs on the ground.After ten 分钟 of walking Seth stops walking and sits down under a huge tree..I sit down beside him and he wraps his arm around me holding me close.
"I know 你 were woundering what my tatoo means and i thrust 你 enough to tell you.We don't have much time until it gets dark so i will have to shorten it.But if there is anything 你 want to know just ask okay".Seth says.
"Okay"i say happily.
"Me and my faimly belive that our ancestors turn into 狼 to protect themselves and their faimlies from the cold ones.So anyway my great grandfather's grandfather and his clan where hunting one 日 when they saw the cold ones huning on their land.This made them angry so they made a truce with each other."Seth says taking a breath.
"Seth who are the cold ones and are they vampires?"i ask slightly confused.
"Yes and the cullens are the cold ones.I do not call them that anymore though"he says.
"So 你 are the warewolves.Why do 你 not hate each other then?".
"We believe that we imprint.It is stronger than love.When 你 imprint nothing matters anymore 你 would do anything for her".
"Seth have 你 imprinted, is it me?".
"Yes i imprinted on 你 the 分钟 i saw you".
"Who is the Alpha,who did he imprint on and is the thruce gone?"
"How do 你 know about Alphas?"
"Teen wolf"
"Jake is the Alpha he imprinted on Nessie and yes the truce is gone.I'm the beta 下一个 in charge"he says this proudly.
"Is Sam in your in the pack?"
"No he has his own pack his the alpha.We are friendly still.We broke apart when Nessie was born to protect Bella.Nessie will tell 你 that story some other time.Me and Leah went with him.I went with him to help but Leah came to babysit me"
When Seth says this i laugh i can imagin how Seth must have feeling.
"Seth do 你 grow old?"
"No but if i choose to i can stop turning wolf"
"So we are together forever no matter what?"i ask.
"No matter what"Seth conforms twining his fingers with mine.
"Seth 你 know 你 woudering why my mam will not let me date"i nervously say.
"Yep"he says rubbing my hand.
"Promise 你 will not get too angry"
"Well when i was sixteen a 年 after i moved i found it hard to make friends.Me and Devon go to dance classes on saturdays and i saw him in school.Anyway back to the point.There was this tall boy with dark hair and pale skin like mine.I had a huge crush on him.We started dating and one night he came over and we were dating for six months at that time.
We were hanging out in my room and macking out on my 床, 床上 as all teens do.I was head over heals i thought we were in 爱情 but i was so wrong.He tried to pull my 最佳, 返回页首 up but i stop him then he tried my pants so i stoped him and told him no.
He told me to relax and that i would not regret anything.I told him i was not ready.This made him angry he held me to the 床, 床上 and start 接吻 me again.I turned my face away.He then tried to undress me."i stop for a moment with tears running down my face.I continue to speak anyway."I beged him to stop but he didn't so i start to wiggle to get free but it does not work.
I begin to get scared so i cry i see him reaching into his back pocket and he pulls out a knife.I start to think that i am going to die so i start to try to break free and screaming for help.He tried to stab me but instead he cut my shoulder.Then i manage to build enough strenght to push him off me and he falls off the
I get off the 床, 床上 too and back my way towards the window.Then my mam opens the door behind him and before she says anything he ran away.Ever since that 日 i have been afraid to trust a boy as much as i thrust you.I am so luckey to have someone like you"
I realise Seth is shaking a bit and i sense his anger.I sit up on my knees and face him.
"Seth don't worry he can't get me he is in prison."
Seth still shaking but a lot less i put my hands on either side of his face so that we are looking into each others eyes.He takes a few deep breaths and he is fine again.I drop my hands to my side in relieve.He puts his hands gently on my face like i did and kisses my forehead.
"I won't let him hurt 你 again i promise"he says taking my hand.
"I know"i say smiling.
"I better bring 你 首页 it's getting late"he says standing up and helping me up too.
On the way 首页 it is silent but we are still holding hands.I sit looking out the window thinking abou what Seth told me and it occures to me.Devon is like Seth he was shaking like Seth was.I finally break the silence between us.
"Devon is like you"i say.
"Why do think this?"he asks.
"When i told him we were dating he shook like 你 did"
"Did he think i was like your ex?"
"Mike yeah but know he doesn't he sees 你 as a good friend"
"Maybe 你 could get him to 加入 our pack"he says smiling.
Seth stops the car in my drive and we bove get out of the car.I go around to the car to give him a hug but Seth sits on the bonit.He takes one of my hands and puts his other hand on the back of my neck.We both smile then Seth pulls me closer and kisses me.He drops my hand and i put my two arms around his neck.He puts his two hands around my waiste.
Then i hear a knocking on a window.Seth and i break away from our kisses.I turn to see my mam in the house watching us.I turn back to face Seth and he smiles.
"See 你 tomorrow"i say walking away.
"I 爱情 you"i hear Seth say as my mam closes the front door.