Today is Monday i am just leaving the house to go to school.I get in the passenger 座位 of the car and mam drives me to school.On the way to school i think of the way Devon's fists shook on Friday why was he so angry?Is it that he is jealous even if he was he shouln't have getting so angry.It takes half an 小时 to get to school so i use this time to think why he got so angry.It feels like only a few minets that i was in the car and i realise that i am at school already.
"Bye mam i 爱情 you"i say and get out of the car.
"Bye sweety"mam says and drives off.
I start to walk towards the school and then i hear my name being called.I stop and look around.Devon is walking towards me smiling so i smile back.He wraps his arms around me and hugs me.
"Hi"i say.
"Hi"he says standing back to look me in the face.
"How are you?"i ask as we walk towards the school.
"I'm good.About Friday i'm sorry for getting angry at you"he says sincerly.
"It's okay"i say.
"It's not i have no right to get angry at 你 like that."so i am going to make it up to 你 由 giving 你 any favour 你 want for the rest of your live.Cause 你 know i would take a bullet through my brain for ya put my hand on a blade for ya.Cause baby i would do anything for ya"he sings to me.
I can't help but laugh he knows that is one of my fave sons and he can always cheer me up.
The 日 goes 由 quickly and before i know it school is over.Devon and walk out of school toghter.
"Hey Devon can i use one of my favours?"i ask smiling.
"Promise 你 will be a good sport"i plead.
"I promise"he says.
"Is your mam picking 你 up?"i ask.
"No i am walking"Devon says.
"Okay well your coming to my house okay"i say.
"That's your favor?"Devon asks.
"Part of it"i say.
On the way to my house Devon keeps gussing what my what my favor coul be,but he keeps getting it wrong.
"What do i have to do?"Devon asks outside my house.
"Wait a few 分钟 and 你 will found out"i say and i go inside the front door.
I open the front door and walk in.Mam walks into the hall and gives me a hug and a 吻乐队(Kiss) on the 最佳, 返回页首 of the head.
"Hi Devon"my mam says smiling.
"Hi ms Johnson"he says smiling back.
She then walks into the 厨房 so we go up to room.When i get up to my room i put my bag on the floor.When i look up i see Seth standing infront of me.I walk over to him and hug him he then gives me a kiss.Then all of a sudden he pulls me into his side protectivly.Seth is looking at my bedroomdoor so i look over there.Devon is standing in the door way smiling at me.I get lose from Seth's arm and take a steep forward.
"Seth this is my friend Devon.Devon this is my boyfriend Seth"i say introduing them.
I look at Seth and he is smiling again he walks over to Devon and shakes his hand.
"Hi Devon it is nice to finally meet 你 at last"he says smiling.
"I wish i could say the same"Devon says smiling.
I elbow Devon in the ribs and he laughs and so does Seth.I smile happy to see them getting alone.Devon stays for an 小时 then goes 首页 which is just two houses down from mine.
When Devon leaves Seth goes 首页 for his 晚餐 and i go down stairs for mine too.As soon as i am done my 晚餐 i go back up to my room.I use my bathroom and when i get out Seth is lying on my 床, 床上 smiling at me.
"Hi"i wisper smiling back.
He doesn't say anything he just waves at me.I go and sit on my 床, 床上 beside him and kick off my shoes.I then lay beside him and he puts an arm around me so i won't fall.
"Do 你 have any religons 或者 belives?"i ask Seth.
"Do you?"he asks.
"No religon,but i belive in faith.What about you?"i ask again.
"I don't have any religons either,but my faimly and 老友记 have a belieavs kinda"he says.
"Will 你 tell me about it"i ask curios.
"Sure.Well we beleaive that ore antsestors were shape shifters.Then one 日 our great grandfaters were out hunting and they saw the cold one's as we call them hunting on our land.The cold ones claimed not to be like the rest of them so our antsesters made a treaty with them.As long as they stayed off our land we would leave them live."Seth says.
"When 你 say shape shifters do 你 mean warewolfs?"i ask curios.
"Exactly"Seth says smiling.
"Well what about the cold ones what are they?"i say yawning.
"You'll have to find out yourself"Seth says.
"Okay"i say tiredly.
"Do 你 tink i am crazy?"Seth asks.
"I don't belive it is real but i don't think your crazy.Are 你 angry?"i ask.
"No everyone has their own belives"He says softly.
My eyes start to get heavy and i close them.
"I 爱情 you"i hear Seth whisper in my ear.
Then i fall asleep before i can say anything.When i am asleep i dream of men turning into wolf.The 狼 are giant though and are running through the forest.Then one of the wolfs stops running and looks at me.He start to growl at me angeryly and then snaps at my face.I wake up gasping for air.I realise it is just a dream and sit up in my bed.My breath goes back to normal and i look at my watch.It is six forty-five so i decide to get clean cloths on.
I put on a purple hoodie and some jeans.When i am dressed i go downstairs for breakfast.When i get down mam and Andy are already awake.
"Good morning honey" she says 接吻 the 最佳, 返回页首 of my head.
"Morning "i say back.
Until eiht i try to think who the cold ones are from Seth's story.I know it doesn't matter becouse it's not real but it is irrating me.Could it be some one evil 或者 some one they just hate?Or maybe they wer cold blooded hillers?
At five to eight mam calls me.I get my school bag and get in the car.Ma drives me to school.All morning i can't help but to think about it.What could they be?At lunch i can tell Devon is woundering what i am thinking about?After a few mintutes he interupts my thoughts.
"What are 你 thinking about?"Devon asks.
"Just a story i heard"i say smiling.
The 日 goes 由 slowly and i try to figure out what the cold ones means all 日 but i still don't know.
When mam comes to collect me i get into the car and we go home.
As soon as we get 首页 i go up to my room and open my laptop.I go on the internet and go on google.I then type in th cold ones and press enter and put my hands on my lap.Then just as the page is about to come up someone shuts my laptop.I spin around in my 座位 and see Seth standing there.His aems are folded and he is smiling at me.
"No cheating"he says.
I stand up and give him a kis that lasts five secounds.
"Will 你 tell me please.I have been thinking about it all day"I say.
"What are your ideas?"he asks.
"Mass murderers,people 你 really hate,or just bad people"i say.
"They are vampires"Seth says smiling.
"You've got to be kidding me.I didn't think of that"I say and sigh.
I go and lay on my 床, 床上 we start talking about Seth's story until i fall asleep.