When i get 首页 i am so tired i decide to go straight to 床, 床上 but mam ,calls me befor i can get up the secound step to my room.
"Emma 你 didn't tell me about the party yet"mam calls.
"I will tell 你 in the morming"i whine tiredly.
"you might forget.Just five minutes"mam asks hopefully.
"Fine but can i go to 床, 床上 then?"i say giving in.
"Okay"mam says happily.
She then takes my hand and leads me to the sitting room where Andy is sitting.I sit beside mam on the sofa.
"So did 你 have fun?"mam asks.
"Yep"i say honestly.
"Did 你 make any new friends?"mam asks.
"Just one"i say shyly.
"What's her name"mam pushes.
"him"i say in nearly a whisper but mam hears.
"Okay what is his name?"mam corrects.
"Seth"i say making me feel tinkley just thinking of the way we danced.
"Emma has a boyfriend!"Andy says laughing.
"He better not be i don't want to repeat what happened nearly four years ago"mam says seriosly.
"He's not i won't let that happen again i promise.
Now can i go to bed?"i ask yawning.
"Sure.I 爱情 you"mam says.
"Night i 爱情 你 all"i say yawning again.
When i go to 床, 床上 i can't stop thinking about him.When ever i hear his name 或者 think about him my 心 races.
Some people believe in 爱情 at first sight but is it possible that i am a victim of cupids 《绿箭侠》 and what if he just wants to be friends?
It's probally just a crush i will get over it.I think so anyway.

A week went by,today is saturday again and i found it hard to concertrate becouse i couldn' t stop thinking about Seth.Why does he have to be so handsome it just makes it harder.
"Emma"mam calls from downstairs snaping me out of my 日 dream.
I get off my 床, 床上 and go donstairs to find mam in the kitchen.
"Yes?"i ask.
"Andy would like to go to first 海滩 would 你 bring him?You can borrow the car for an hour.please"mam says.
"Please Emma"Andy asks standing beside me now.
"Oh Emma how old is Seth?"mam asks.
"He is nineteen and he is going to be twenty at the third of march"i say.
"Okay"mam says.
"Come on Emma"Andy says tugging my arm.

It takes an 小时 to get to first 海滩 but we listen to 音乐 so we don't get bored.When we get there Andy is so excited he nearly jumps out of the car.So i quickly turn off the engine,get out and lock the car.
"Wait for me Andy"i say before he can run off.
"Okay"Andy says.
I walk over to him and we walk down onto the beach.
"Emma do 你 want to race to the middle of the beach?"Andy asks looking up at me.
"Okay.GO!"i say and run about two feet behind him so he can win.
We reach the middle of the 海滩 within about four minutes.Then we start to slow down Andy stops first and i stop after him.I bend down,put my hands on my knees and pretend to gasp.
"You won"i say to Andy.
"You'r slow"Andy says happily.
"I know"i say standing up straight.
"Emma can i throw stones in the water since ther is no one on the beach?"Andy asks picking up a stone.
"Alright just be carful"i say.
"Okay"Andy says throwing a stone into the sea.
I pick a few stones up and throw them into the sea sawell.
Half an 小时 later i hear some laughter coming from the start of the 海滩 and automatically look over.
Seth's 老友记 are walking onto the 海滩 when i look over.They are laughing and pushing each other playfully.I concertrate on the boys to see if Seth is,there but he's not so i leave out a disappointed shy.I start tosing the stones half heartly now.Then someone breaks the silence.
"Hi Emma"a deep voice says.
I look up to see who 说 it and smile happily when i see who it is.
"Hi Seth"i say smiling and he smiles back.
"That's your boyfriend"Andy says smiling.
"Andy"i moan under my breath.
Seth chukkles from beside me and i blush.
"Seth this is my brother Andy.Andy this is my friend Seth"i say.
"Hi"Seth says friendly.
"Hi"Andy says a bit shy.
"So how are you?"Seth asks as we start to walk down the beach.
Andy walks a few feet ahead of us and drags a stick behind him.
"I'm good and you?"i ask a bit shy.
"I'm good.Did 你 do anything interesting?"Seth asks.
Whats up with the small talk.
"Emma can i climb on the rocks ahead of us?I will be carful"Andy asks.
"Okay"i say looking at Seth from the corner of my eye.
"Thank you"Andy says and runs ahead.
"Well in english we get a part and have to act out Romeo and Juliet out in front of the class.If 你 call that interesting"I say.
"Are 你 good at acting?"Seth asks.
"I don't think so"i say keeping an eye on Andy.
I wonder what the small talk is about?Maybe he is after getting a girlfriend.I hope not.
"What about 你 are 你 good at acting?"I ask.
"Nah.The guys find it annoying"Seth says.
Then one of Seth's 老友记 come up behind him.He gets Seth playfully in a head lock and ruffles his hair.He is taller and older than Seth.
"So did 你 ask her out yet?"the boy asks,
"Quil"Seth says unhappily.
I didn't realise how close Seth's 老友记 are until i hear laughter coming from behind me.
Seth starts to give out to Quil probably for embarssing him but i don't take notice.
Instead i look behind me to Seth's 老友记 only about five feet away from me.Then i notice a girl at the back of the group walking on her own and she looks angry.She has shoulder lenght hair,black hair and dark skin lik the other boys.She is wearing a t-shirt,hot pants and runners.
How aren't they cold?it's october for cring out loud.Then i snap out of my thoughts.
"Not cool man"says another boy.
He is the boy Renesme always hangs out with.i think he's name is Jake she always is talking about him.They started going out a week ago.
"Jake i was just healping him"Quil says.
"Do what ruin my life?She probably thinks i am a loser that i have to depend on other people"Seth wispers.
Then Jake wispers something too quitly for me to hear.Seth nods and seams happier.
"Sorry man.But if i didn't butt in she would be eighty 由 the time 你 asked"Quil says smiling.
"It's okay but 你 got lucky"Seth says smiling again.
Then Seth walks the small distance between us and back beside me.I just remember Andy is with me so i stat looking for him and start to worry when i can't find him.
"It's okay he is with my friends"Seth says from beside me.
I look over to Seth's 老友记 and see Andy wrestling.i can tell Quil is going easy on him.
"Sorry about Quil he can be irratating sometimes"Seth says smiling.
"Like a brother so"i say smiling back.
I start walking and Seth follows staying 由 my side.
"So like i was getting at.Will 你 go out with me?"Seth says shyly.
"I'd 爱情 to but i can't"i say disappointed.
"Oh.I should've known 你 have a boyfriend"Seth says frowning a little.
"No no i don't have a boyfriend"i say with a giggle.
"Then what is it then?"Seth asks confused.
I try to think of a way to put it without giving away my secret.
"Something happened in my faimly a few years 以前 so now my mother is very protective of me.She doesn't want me to go out with anyone as long as i am living under her roof"i say tring to smile.
"Oh okay"Seth says disappointed.
Then i get an idea and smile.
"What is it?"Seth asks.
"Wait a secound"i say.
I reach into my pocket,take out a pen and sticky note.Then i start to write.
"What are 你 doing?"Seth asks.
"Wait a secound"i say and finsh writing.
Then i put my pen back in my pocket and hold up the piece of paper.
"This is my number and address"i say pointing to the number and address.
"And..."Seth says smiling again.
"And 你 can call me and come and visit but 你 will need to bring a book,becouse mam will think we are studing"i say and hand him the paper.
"Thanks"Seth says smiling again and puts it in his pocket.
"No problem"i say smiling too.
Then ilook at my watch and realise i only have fivteen 分钟 to get home.
"I have to go.Bye Seth"i say smiling.
"Bye Emma"Seth says and gives me a hug.
"Come on Andy we have to go"i say as me and Seth walks back to his friends.
"Okay but can we come back so i can hang out with the lads?"Andy asks.
"Maybe"i say.
"Please 你 can hang out with Seth again"Andy pleads.
"Okay we will come back 下一个 saturday same time"i say giving in.
"Thank 你 i will win 你 to the car"Andy says and runs ahead of me.
"Bye lads and girl"i say smiling and jog after Andy.