It was only a couple 分钟 after the reception and Aunt Alice was practically jumping out of her skin. “Esme can we 显示 them please, please, please?” Aunt Alice begged. “Ok but calm done Alice we don’t want to give it away.” Grandma told Aunt Alice. They tied a peace of cloth around Jacob and my eyes. We walked a mile and Grandma and Aunt Alice took of the blindfolds. Jacob and I stood in front of a beautiful three story house. “Grandma, Aunt Alice its beautiful. Thank 你 so much.” I 说 turning back to them giving them both the biggest hug I’ve ever 给 any one. They 说 goodnight and were gone.

We just stood there a little bit longer and I was mesmerized my how beautiful it was. Then Jacob picked me up into his arms and walked inside. It was gorgeous. The house was all new the furniture from the chairs and the couches to the cabinets and the TVs. Jacob and I walked up stairs we opened the first door down the hall. “Do 你 want to check the rest of the house out Ness?” Jacob asked. “Not right know I want to get out of this dress first.” “That’s probably a good idea I’ll go change to.” Jacob walked into are bedroom bathroom. I tried to untie my dress but because Aunt Alice insisted on making my dress 最佳, 返回页首 更多 like a corset I couldn’t unlace it. so I just gave up. “I thought 你 wanted to get out of the dress?” “I do but Aunt Alice insisted on making the 最佳, 返回页首 like a corset and I can’t unlace it can 你 help?” My hands on my hip. Jacob walked over smiling at me.

Jacob turned me around. His hands were warm against my bare arms. He moved my long curly hair to one side of my neck as his warm lips touched the other side. “I 爱情 you.” he whispered in my ear. Jacob fished unlacing my 最佳, 返回页首 as he started 接吻 my neck again and slid down my back. He turned me around slowly and are lips met. He picked me up my hands around his neck and my hands 魔发奇缘 in his hair my legs rapped around his waist. I could feel his warm body heat coming from his bare chest. Jacob walked 前锋, 期待 knocking my back against the wall. My hands still 魔发奇缘 in his hair one of his arms around my waist the other on the wall. He walked to the 床, 床上 throwing me down. He kissed my stomach and moved back up to my lips. I turned him on his back. Sitting on him nailing his hands to the bed. Though Jacob was a little stronger then he was able to get out of my grasp. After that every thing ells just fell into place.

The 下一个 morning I woke up to the smell of bacon, eggs, sausage and 橙子, 橙色 juice. I was starving so I didn’t bother trying to find any clothes so I just grabbed one of Jake’s T-shirts that was laying on the floor and ran down stairs. I ran strait to Jacob and hugged him around the waist. He brought the 食物 to the 表 and turned around to his me, and everything was perfect.