• Jax. . Wallpaper and background images in the Jackson "JAX" Teller club tagged: jax teller charlie hunnam sons of anarchy.

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    Die Hard Fan

    密码: jax teller, charlie hunnam, 《混乱之子》

    Fanpup says...

    This Jackson "JAX" Teller fan art contains 标志, 海报, 文字, 黑板, 文本, 热水浴缸, and 热水浴. There might also be 花束, 胸花, 波西, 香奈儿, 捧花, 铭文, 街道, 城市风貌, 城市环境, 城市场景, 城市设置, 午餐, 茶园, dejeuner, tiffin, and 午餐早茶.