Okay, I just wanna say that this is really really sad.(I started to cry) I did not make this althought I wish I did. So I take no credit.

~Midori’s POV~
I walked out of Tobi’s room shocked and wide eyed. I knew who he was yes, but what he told me about Itachi was beyond believable.
From the hallway I was in I wondered through the base, still trying to let what Tobi 说 set it.
Okay, so let me tell 你 the reason I was in Tobi’s room in the first place. I caught Him going through my stuff (AKA) my diary. How he got passed the lock I placed on it is beyond me, but the point is I had a lot of personal stuff in there. Examples of which are Who in the 晓组织 are ‘hot 或者 not’ my social life and most of it had to do with my crush of along time, Itachi Uchiha himself. Tobi had read it all and called me into his room later, the reason for that was because I have been worried about Itachi. He wasn’t 表演 like himself and honestly it scared me. So Tobi explained everything to me and that if I was going to make my feelings known then I should do it soon.
My stomach clenched and my 心 ached as I walked passed Itachi’s door, pausing only for a 秒 before moving on. I reasoned with myself later that I would tell him in the morning being as it was so late. It also gave me time to figure out what I would do about Itachi’s illness, vision and apparent death wish.
I slowly opened my door and dragged myself inside, stripping my old cloths and putting on pajamas. I slid into 床, 床上 and though, I don’t know for how long before I feel into a dark dreamless sleep.
Morning came all to soon as I lay in my messy bed. I slowly got dressed and fulfilled my morning routine before I set off on my own mission. I took a deep breath before quietly walking out of my room and down the hall where Itachi’s room lay. With every step I took my 心 gained pace with every 秒 更多 my nerves swelled my body and 由 the time I was as his door I was worried. Not from rejection, I could eventually get over that, but for Itachi’s health. I raised my hand to the door but before my knuckles could reach it, the familiar yet so uncomforting voice of Madara Uchiha rang through my ears and the empty halls of the base. “It’s not to late. He left for the Uchiha compound about an 小时 ago.” Tears filled my eyes. “By telling him soon I didn’t think 你 meant yesterday!” “I didn’t. Sasuke’s arrival was sooner that I anticipated.” “ Do I still have time to catch up?” He nodded. “But 你 must run my dear.” I nodded my thanks and ran as fast as I could not once stopping.
‘He couldn’t have gotten far.’ I thought to my self. At that point I noticed tracks in the dirt and cracked twigs. Hope filled my eyes and I continued faster racing after my brother and my crush.
~Itachi’s POV~
I glanced back at the way I had come feeling slightly guilty. My partners sister had a crush on me for the longest time and I think that I may share those feelings, but she may never know. “What’s on your mind Itachi?” Asked Kisame with a knowing smirk. “It’s nothing.” I looked ahead wondering what would have happened if I got the chance to tell her 或者 even if I ever would be able to. I sighed lightly and just continued silently.
~Midori’s POV~
I ran as fast as I could to catch up to Itachi and to get the chance I so longed for.
分钟 went 由 and they were in view. Sadly so was the Uchiha compound. My speed increased and my 心 pounded deep in my chest. “MATE! ITACHI-KUN!” (Wait!) I screamed and the two men in front of me paused.
~Kisame’s POV~
The voice of my little sister rang out and echoed in the almost empty 太空 around us. “MATE! ITACHI-KUN!” Itachi and I stopped. I glanced at Itachi with a worried look as if asking what are 你 going to tell her.
~Itachi’s POV~
I turned slowly away from Kisame’s gaze and back at Midori. My mind started racing. ‘What should I say? If I tell her she’s going to be 心 broken, if I lie it’s only the same.’ As I went through my options in my head Midori had reached us. She stood with her hands on her knees and a smile on her face.
“Itachi… I have to tell 你 something.” My breath hitcher in my throat as I looked into Itachi’s eyes, but I forced my self to continue. “I have liked 你 for some time know. Sadly, I was to afraid to tell 你 before now.” He glanced as Kisame then back at me, and then I knew he was going to lie. His eyes went to the 最佳, 返回页首 left and behind me. “Midori, I don’t share those feeling’s for you. Learn to live without me.” He looked at Kisame again and then disappeared in a puff of smoke. Even though I knew he was lying to me, tears still formed in my icy blue eyes. “I know 你 know he’s lying, but its up to 你 to figure out what to do. Follow him, 或者 leave him?” “You’ll see Kisame, now go prevent ‘Hebi’ from getting to the compound.” Before I finished my sentence Kisame was gone. I wiped my eyes and ran like hell to the Uchiha compound. “I’m not letting 你 get away that easy Itachi.”
When I arrived at Kisame’s station 3 of the 4 members of Hebi were with him and he was sparing Suigetsu. “Don’t get carried away Kisame.” I smiled at Suigetsu. “You might want to hurry Midori, the battle has already begun.” I nodded and took off again.
由 the time I reached Itachi and Sasuke the roof of the compound had been blown off and Sasuke was in his 秒 state. “Itachi!” I screamed stopping the fight dead in it’s tracks. Both Uchiha looked at me steadily. “Stop this nonsense! Look at 你 selves. Itachi lying to me, and Sasuke relying on Orochimaru. Itachi do 你 think it’s going to make the 心 break any easier if 你 lie?” I took a few steps towards them. “How did 你 know I lied?” “Not only did Kisame tell me but I can read 你 eyes. Itachi 你 don’t have to do it this way. 你 don’t have to die. Not today. I know why 你 did all of this. The murder of 你 clan, the abandonment of Sasuke. It doesn’t have to be this way.” I was now standing directly between the brothers. “What are 你 talking about?” Sasuke 说 from the other side of the obliterated field. I turned to him. “You brother-” Itachi covered my mouth with his hand. “Don’t.” I bit him and he relinquished his hold on me. “Why not?! He needs to know! Plus it’s easier than heartbreak and lying; Itachi-kun, I wont let 你 die. Sasuke could use some help against 你 know who.” Sasuke looked slightly confused. “I’m telling him.” I reset my gaze at Sasuke and explained to him what really happened.
“Sasuke, Itachi was a spy planted into the Uchiha clan 由 the higher ups. They told him to destroy the entire clan. Itachi loved the village and still does, but her just couldn’t bring himself to kill his little brother. If your to destroy something make it the village, not Itachi, but there’s one thing we need from 你 first.” I nodded at Itachi, then preformed hand signs forcing Orochimaru to 显示 himself, then Itachi absorbed him. Sasuke had no idea what happened so I explained it to him the best I could. Later after a bit of a struggle, Sasuke finally listened and we got started on a plan… Well team Hawk got started on a plan. Itachi my brother an I had other plans.
~~~Days later~~~
“Itachi let’s give it a shot! Just me and you.” I pleaded. “I know 你 have the same feelings for me! So why not?” The only words to come out of his mouth was the same one that had been coming out of it since a few days ago. “No.” He stated bluntly. “That’s it! I have absolutely had it Itachi-san. Why do 你 keep denying me?” “Because he’s afraid.” My brother 说 from the 长椅, 沙发 in the 晓组织 base. I looked at my brother then rested my eyes back on Itachi. “Uchiha, afraid. Of what?” “Heartbreak.” Cam the one word answer. My eyes brimmed with tears. “Is that really true? Do 你 think I’ll break your heart?” “No, not on purpose. I’m afraid 你 may die.” “You think that not being with me will make 你 feel better? Make the hurting go away?” His only response was to look away from me. “If that’s how it’s going to be then I guess I’ll take my leave. 你 obviously just don’t want me right now. When 你 wish for me come find me.” The tears cascaded down my cheeks as I turned to leave. “Bye Kisame. So long and fair-well Itachi.” With those final words I quit the 晓组织 and was on my way to start a new life that would only lead to despair, not only for m, but for Kisame and Itachi too.
~7 years later Itachi’s POV~
I finally left the Akatsuki, in 搜索 of the woman I almost disowned. Midori left a note telling us she would be taking refuge in the remains of the hidden steam village, alone. I left with Kisame a few days 以前 and we should be reaching our destination within the hour. “Expect the worst Itachi, she was never the one to be patient.” Kisame reminded me. “I know. That’s part of the reason I fell in 爱情 with her.” I commented. I kept my eyes on the road ahead and moved a little faster.
We came upon the remains in little 更多 than 30 分钟 and we spotted the old Victorian house she told us to look for. My eyes grew bright as they met the doors to the house. Leaving Kisame behind I ran for the 最佳, 返回页首 room not able to wait any longer for her. Though what I saw shattered me.
As I entered the room I found her body in pristine condition but not breathing. She was on a dark blue gown, flowing in the wind from the opened window, her legs were crossed, her back straight against the back of the chair. Her hands were placed on her knee in an elegant fashion and her dead yet far from empty eyes looking out upon the land waiting. 下一个 to her body on the 表 was a note in her hand writing. It read:
Dear Itachi,
I’m sorry, but 由 the time 你 read this I will be long dead. I told 你 I would wait and as 你 can see I did. I will forever 爱情 你 and forever be on your heart. I hadn’t told 你 about it but I had a fetal blood disease. I wouldn’t have lasted much longer if it weren’t for the promise I made myself, but remember I’m with 你 always in 心 and soul, but as I imagine your time is almost up as well.
~Love Midori
My eyes swelled as I folded the letter. She was right my time was almost up. It should have been up along time ago. As my eyes released the built up tears of a lifetime of hatred I took the body of my beloved and cradled her in my arms as silent tears fell on her still soft skin. I opened my eyes and noticed 写作 on her hands. All that was written were three simple words. ‘I 爱情 you.’ After 阅读 those words for the first time since all those years ago, I coughed up blood and my own disease hit me. I died that day, holding the woman of my dreams in my arms and as I died I can remember looking into her lifeless eyes as we disappeared together from the world of the living in bits of white light.