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As a motive to collect almost everything, 苹果 launches its first airborne tablet. Within short span of time, since its birth, 苹果 has created its own essential 太空 in the gadget marketing. According to Apple, this iPad is the most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device. This device is a massive refresh, something much beyond simple upgrade. The fifth generation full size tablet is 20% 更多 thinner than the iPads that 苹果 has crafted before. Yet this device is amazingly the lightest of it all. The new iPad Air is expected to release 由 the beginning of November 2013....
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The launch of iOS7 generated a lot of commentary about its 设计 changes. However, it also foresaw the shift in how enterprises are using and developing mobile apps, and includes several business-friendly features.

Since the release of the first beta release to developers in June 2013, iOS 7 has been making news in the tech world. With the public release just a few weeks old, reactions from end-users and tech pundits have been mixed. Change is hard for some and iOS 7 is loaded with changes. While the most obvious of those changes are cosmetic, several make iPhones and iPads 更多 friendly to enterprise use. Those changes are the real story behind iOS 7.

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