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 INvader Alia contest pic
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this is my pic for Diblover111's contest hope 你 like it ^^
jhonen vasquez
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Helena is a superhuman, which means that she is half Human and half Irken. She was born from her human mother named Ursula. Her dad is an Irken named Lard. Her 首页 planet, Haloweentasia, was destroyed 由 an evil alien group called the Fireans. Fireans look like red-skinned Irkens, but they don't have PAKs 或者 antennaes. Helena's parents both died, so Helena had to stay with her cousins Kat&Tak. Kat is a blue-eyed Irken. Outside of plant Irk she grows hair, but inside of the planet her hair sinks inside her hair and antennaes 显示 again. Kat and Helena both dislike Tak so they sneaked out at night and flew to Earth in Kat's parents spaceship. On Earth Kat&Zim has been going out and they also got married. Helena and Purple dated for a long time and then they got married.
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